Collecting Evidence in Colorado Springs Car Accident Cases

At a typical personal injury law firm, both the attorneys and their staff will talk to you about your case, while also doing some basic evidence-gathering. During this process, a legal representative could obtain information such as names of the parties involved, their insurance companies and specific policies, and police reports.

Once a car wreck attorney pulls all of this information together, they can review the documentation, and determine how it could best support a case. This evidence collection process is a crucial component of any car accident case in Colorado Springs.

What Kinds of Evidence Does a Lawyer Look For in an Auto Accident Claim?

In any car accident case, attorneys in Colorado Springs are going to look for evidence that will support their arguments for the case at hand. Generally, this argument is that the claimant suffered injures through no fault of their own, and that the defendant or another party is to blame.

This evidence could involve a visit to the accident site, review of the police report, and an assessment of medical records that describe any accident-related injuries as well as any pre-existing conditions. Some forms of evidence also may require a lawyer to talk to experts such as doctors and other medical professionals.

The Process for Gathering Evidence in Colorado Springs Cases

The process for evidence collection is case-specific, but it is also something the attorney will want to set a baseline for relatively quickly. For example, once an injured party begins receiving treatment, the primary pieces of evidence they are going to start collecting and utilizing are the medical records and treatment bills.

After that, evidence such as doctor reports can help further support the findings in the medical records. Additionally, once the injured driver files their claim, a lawyer should review any of the responses from the opposing side and their objections. By doing this, an attorney can look for evidence that could serve as a counter to those assertions.

What are the Pre-Court Procedures Following Evidence Collection in a Car Wreck Case?

After a Colorado Springs attorney completes evidence collection for a car accident case, there are some steps they can take before presenting their case to court. Typically, there is a review of the evidence itself, and then a lawyer may walk a claimant through the various types of proof in their case. Additionally, an attorney may take their evidence and run a mock jury trial and testimony with the claimant.

Most courts have deadlines for when the parties must exchange evidence that they are going to present in court. Each party should know in advance what the other side is going to present as evidence, although they may not know what their exact theory is or what their main argument may be. Either way, after that discovery process occurs, the parties can file objections for any evidence and any motions related to this.

Learn More About Evidence Collection in Colorado Springs Car Crash Claims

Collecting evidence in Colorado Springs car accident cases varies depending on the situation, and as a result, may become slow and tedious. Often, depending on the volume of available information for a case, the evidence-gathering process can be lengthy because of the amount of documents that a party will receive.

Additionally, reading and understanding all the evidence can be extremely complicated, as many of the documents are related to medical issues. In light of all this, evidence generally needs to be specifically read, combed through, and interpreted by a skilled personal injury attorney. If you need help preparing your claim, call today.