Traumatic Brain Injuries After a Colorado Springs Auto Accident

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Understanding Damages from Traumatic Brain Injuries Following an Auto Accident in Colorado Springs

One of the most catastrophic types of personal injuries that someone involved in a Colorado Spring auto accident could sustain is a traumatic brain injury.  Also known as a TBI, this is a serious and life-changing injury that could affect an individual’s personal life, employment, and daily activities.  Some individuals suffering from severe TBIs may require around-the-clock care and treatment.  The CDC defines a traumatic brain injury “as a disruption in the normal function of the brain that can be caused by a bump, blow, or jolt to the head, or penetrating brain injury.”

There are many common causes of a TBI in a motor vehicle accident.  Some of the most common causes that our lawyers could handle for you or your loved one include:

  • Trucking accidents with 18 wheelers, tankers, or other big rigs
  • Municipal vehicle accidents, including garbage trucks or emergency vehicles
  • Motorcycle crashes
  • Pedestrians hit by a car or a pedestrian knockdown
  • Bicycle collisions
  • Delivery van accidents
  • SUV rollovers
  • Construction vehicle crashes, and
  • Any other type of motor vehicle collision.

Types of TBIs Someone May Suffer After a Car Crash

A traumatic brain injury is a classification for head trauma that affects or disrupts normal brain function.  Depending on how a car accident occurred, there are various types of TBIs someone may sustain.  Some of the most common trauma-induced brain injuries that our experienced law firm can handle include:

Coup-contrecoup Brain Injuries

This type of TBI occurs when the brain is exposed to a violent whiplash accident.  The brain, which is suspended in cerebrospinal fluid inside of the skull, will “whip” in the opposite direction of the impact and strike the inside of the skull, causing it to sustain damage.  The brain then whips back to the point of impact and strikes the inside of the skull again.  This type of trauma can cause significant damage and swelling.  It can also cause bleeding in the brain which results in chemical changes of brain tissue.  Coup-contrecoup TBIs require immediate medical attention and can have long-lasting effects on speech, problem-solving, and vision.


Although most people believe concussions are minor injuries that may heal quickly, this is not always the case.  Even a concussion that is diagnosed as “mild” could result in permanent changes to the brain that result in disability.  Most concussions also increase the risk that a subsequent concussion that can be debilitating or even fatal.  In the case of severe concussions, individuals may have permanently disabling migraines, vision issues, and be unable to work, drive a vehicle, or be able to care for oneself.

Diffuse Axonal TBI

An explosive impact can result in this type of TBI which is characterized by shredding, tearing, or otherwise physically damaging brain tissue. This is due to the force of impact which can damage neuron pathways or affect blood vessels.  This is a very serious type of TBI that a local auto accident lawyer should review to ensure your rights to compensation are protected.

Brain Bleeds

Any amount of damage to the brain can result in a brain bleed.  Not only does the presence of blood in the brain cause chemical changes that can cause damage, but it can also increase the intracranial pressure.  If the brain bleed is faster than the body can regulate the pressure in the skull, the increased pressure could result in extreme damage or a fatality.

Penetrating Brain Injuries

When twisted steel or foreign debris from an auto wreck pierces the skull and injuries the brain, it can be a life-threatening injury.  All penetrating TBIs are serious and need immediate, medical attention.

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