Community Involvement

Springs Law Group is focused on serving our clients in and around Colorado Springs, Colorado. We love our clients and the community of Colorado Springs. One of the goals of Springs Law Group is to become ambassadors of giving in and around the Colorado Springs community. We give back to the community in a variety of ways such as donating our time or providing donations to charitable organizations or give aways and contests.

If you have suggestions of ways that we can give and make the Colorado Springs community stronger, please contact us at

Community Involvement Teacher

The Deserving Teacher Award

Springs Law Group knows the impact that teacher can have on children. Both Jake and Christopher have kids that have had amazing teachers. As a way to honor deserving teachers in the Colorado Springs community, Springs Law Group established The Deserving Teacher Award. The award will be given to teachers that has an impact on their students’ lives and in the community. We are looking for those teachers who have changed lives and have made lasting relationships with their students.

Community Involvement Kids Biking

Bikes For Kids

As firm of parents and lawyers who are child safety advocates, Springs Law Group has started the Bikes for Kids program to promote bicycle safety for deserving kids in the Colorado Springs community who will be awarded a new bike, helmet and lock. Children can be nominated by anyone for any reason whether that be for having a positive impact in the community or for persevering in the face of adversity.

Restaurant Worker Nomination

Due to the economic impact and overall uncertainty caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, the team at Springs Law Group wanted to help those that were being impacted the most by the new normal, such as restaurant workers. Many restaurants in our area were forced to close down temporarily, and those that were able to reopen were still bringing in a fraction of what they used to, thus forcing them to lay-off many workers. Our team held a restaurant worker nomination to help support local restaurant workers and help them get through these difficult times as best we could. To learn more about our winners, please visit our nomination winner’s page.

First Responder & Medical Professional Nomination

Two of the most important groups of people in fighting the COVID-19 pandemic are first responders and medical professionals. That’s why our team at Springs Law Group held a first responder and medical professional nomination as our way to thank those individuals in our community and beyond that have put themselves in harm’s way to make sure the rest of us stay healthy and alive. While we will never be able to thank these individuals as properly as we should, we were pleased to award a $100 prepaid gift card to five medical professionals and/or first responders who have shown a commitment to helping their fellow citizens during these uncertain times. To learn more about our winners, please visit our nomination winner’s page.

2019-20 The Safe Driving Scholarship

Springs Law Group knows how important safe driving can be. Car accidents can be devastating for all parties involved, and many are preventable by drivers taking the initiative to drive safer. To help encourage safe driving habits, Springs Law Group offered the Safe Driving Scholarship to candidates that submitted an essay on the texting and driving laws in their state and their ideas for how to promote safety on the roads. To see this year’s winner, visit our scholarship winner’s page.