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The days following an injury are often crucial to your long-term health, as well as to the viability of a claim for any damages. A party who is responsible for causing an injury through negligence or an intentional act may be liable to cover any losses they may have caused. However, defendants and their insurance companies may act quickly to deny their responsibility or shift the blame onto an unwary plaintiff.

If you have been injured as a result of someone else’s actions, you should speak with a Colorado Springs personal injury lawyer to maximize your chances of achieving your desired outcome. Legal representation from a seasoned attorney could help you prove your losses and demand appropriate payments from defendants and their insurance companies.

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Most commonly, civil suits are the result of an accident. Drivers on the road, shop owners who invite customers onto their property, manufacturers, and medical professionals must all take appropriate steps to act with the duty of care in which they are obligated to operate. Failures to take these steps may be considered legal negligence if they result in injuries, which could make the negligent party responsible to compensate a victim for all their losses.

A Colorado Springs personal injury attorney could help injured people understand their rights and pursue claims for proper compensation.

Personal Injury

A personal injury claim is applicable when you suffered an injury and someone else might be legally responsible. We handle cases such as:

Auto Accidents

Every day millions of Colorado Springs residents take the inherent and unavoidable risk of injury or death by driving a car. We handle many types of auto accident cases, including insurance claims, whiplash and concussions, DUI related accidents, and more.

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What to Expect After Starting a Claim

Many people assume that to collect full payments for their losses, they need to take a defendant to court. However, this outcome is actually somewhat rare. In most personal injury cases, a fair settlement is possible without ever seeing the inside of a courtroom.

Once an injured plaintiff contacts a defendant’s insurance company, it is usually essential to act quickly and file the claim to maximize the chance for proper compensation. One of the most important things a plaintiff can to help their case is gather evidence following their incident. Evidence can include police reports, medical records, and witness statements. It is also important to remember that a defendant may be conducting their own investigation, which could include making a request for an official statement from the injured victim.

A personal injury lawyer in Colorado Springs could help an injured victim collect necessary evidence for their claim as well as negotiate with the defendant’s insurance company during the settlement process. An attorney also could help ensure a plaintiff meets the state’s two-year deadline to pursue civil cases.

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The lawyers at Springs Law Group have experience in a variety of personal injury cases, and bring compassion and to each and every case. Jake and Chris understand how sensitive personal injury claims can be. Due to the emotional nature of these disputes, our team will develop a comprehensive case strategy for your specific needs.

In each case, we fight the smart fight, not the emotional fight. The different experiences and backgrounds of our lawyers and paralegals help shape how we approach each unique case and dispute. Because our attorneys and paralegals work collaboratively as a team, we use our diverse backgrounds and experiences to approach each issue from all possible directions.

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A Colorado Springs Personal Injury Attorney May Be Able to Help

Any defendant who causes a personal injury through negligence or intentional act may be liable to provide compensation to their victims. In all types of personal injury claims, the process can be daunting without support from legal aid. A Colorado Springs personal injury lawyer could help with this complex process by negotiating with the defendant’s attorneys and pushing for appropriate compensation on your behalf. Call today to learn about your legal options.