Frequently Asked Questions

Why would I need a lawyer for a car accident claim? How do I go about modifying my child custody arrangement? Do I need to set up a trust, or is a simple will all I need? We answer questions like these and many more in our collection of Frequently Asked Questions.

Personal Injury

If both drivers are ticketed after a crash, who is liable for damages?

Will all of my hospital bills be paid by the at-fault party’s insurance company if I win my case? How much does it cost to hire an attorney for my auto accident claim? We answer questions like these and many more in our auto accident frequently asked questions.

How can a DUI affect my life and others?

Despite laws against driving under the influence, drunk drivers still get behind the wheel, endangering their own lives and the lives of those they encounter.

How is an accident case involving an Uber driver different from an accident case involving a taxi or a regular passenger vehicle?

The answer to that question is not that simple. Call our office and we can help determine the liability.

Who is to blame for my Colorado Springs Car Accident?

That question is easily answered by knowing the ins-and-outs of Colorado’s Comparative Negligence Law.