Safety and Preventive Measures for Bicycle Accidents in Colorado Springs

There are various safety and preventative measures that bicyclists can take to avoid a bicycle accident in Colorado Springs. Some precautions that cyclists can take are making sure their bike is the appropriate size for them and following traffic laws. Cyclists also should have their bike duly maintained, make sure the tires are good and that brakes are in working order. Finally, bikers should make sure that they wear proper clothing and a helmet. Despite taking these precautions, some accidents are unavoidable. Therefore, if you were in a serious crash while riding your bike, reach out to our dedicated attorneys.

What are the Traffic Laws for Bicyclists in Colorado Springs?

One of the most important safety measures that a cyclist in Colorado Springs can take to avoid an accident is to follow all traffic laws. According to state law, every person operating a bicycle on a roadway must ride as near to the right side of the road as practical, except when preparing for a left turn at an intersection or onto a private roadway or driveway.

Additionally, hand signals should be used as turn and stop signals. There are many resources online that teach riders how to use proper hand signals. It is important to note that a bicyclist taking their hand off to signal their next move is not considered unsafe cycling practice. At all other times outside of signaling, both hands should be on the handles of the bicycle.

Knowledge is power. When cyclists know the laws of the state, they are able to make decisions while riding without guessing. If a cyclist has to guess and they are not focused on riding, then ultimately become a distracted cyclist.

Precautions Other Motorists Can Take to Prevent an Accident

Someone driving a car or truck must make sure they are following the traffic laws. As such motor vehicles must give three feet of space when passing a bicycle. Additionally, motorists should drive with situation awareness of those around them, including cyclists.

How Can Somone Prevent Serious Injury by Wearing a Bike Helmet?

There is no state law requiring cyclists to wear helmets when riding a bike, however, it is always recommended that bikers wear helmets to protect against serious head injuries.

Although there is not a law requiring helmet usage, it could be argued that wearing a helmet would have prevented certain head injuries. Therefore, we recommend that those riding bikes wear helmets not only to help prevent injury, but also to help their case in the event of an accident.

Safety Measures Following a Bicycle Accident

If they become injured, a bicyclist should go to urgent care or the hospital and then seek proper treatments which could be anything from physical therapy to chiropractic surgery if the accident is bad enough. Cyclists should always carry their ID with them. Additionally, bicyclists should carry medical information and their emergency contact information if they are ever in an accident.

Contact an Attorney to Learn More About the Safety and Preventative Measures for Bike Wrecks in Colorado Springs

The various safety and preventative measures that a bicyclist could take to avoid a bicycle accident in Colorado Springs may not be enough in some situations. If you were involved in a bike crash, contact our team today. We could review your case and argue that you took all precautions to avoid a collision