Understanding Colorado Springs Motorcycle Accident Cases

The consequences of a motorcycle crash can be devastating, and last for years following the incident. Fortunately, the legal system offers an opportunity to alleviate these losses through a civil claim. For help understanding Colorado Springs motorcycle accident cases, contact an experienced attorney from our firm.

How Do Motorcycle Wrecks Occur?

Understanding the cause of a motorcycle accident is an important step when filing a claim for damages in Colorado Springs. One of the most common causes of motorbike accidents is distracted drivers because they are looking at their cellphone or pay attention to something other than the road. Motorcycles are harder to see than other cars, especially if they end up in a motor vehicle’s blind spot. Therefore, when a driver becomes distracted, they may not see a motorcyclist near them and cause an accident.

Additionally, because of Colorado Springs’ location and proximity to the mountains, the roads may become difficult to navigate, especially in the winter or when it is extremely windy. Specific conditions that lead to motorcycle crashes are the terrain, black ice, and the sand used for snow removal, which can cause traction issues.

Differences Between Motorcycle Wrecks and Other Motor Vehicle Collisions

Motorcycle accidents happen more frequently than bicycle wrecks. In Colorado Springs, there are many bike lanes, so there is a little bit more room for a bicyclist to ride on the side of the road. Alternatively, a motorcycle travels on the road with all of the drivers. A motorcyclist may be less obvious to someone who is not paying close attention. Motorcycle accidents are different from automobile crashes in Colorado Springs because the motorcyclist does not have as much protection as an individual in a car.

Injuries in Colorado Springs Motorcycle Accidents

It is important to understand the differences between the types of injuries and cases that result from motorcycle accidents in Colorado Springs. A person injured in a motorcycle accident may sustain more severe injuries than someone in a car because they do not have the frame of a motor vehicle to protect them. Motorcyclists are more likely to be thrown from their vehicle and road rash is an injury that primarily happens in these collisions. Additionally, motorcyclists in the state are not required to wear a helmet, which makes them more susceptible to a head injury.

Motorcyclists make themselves more aware of the increased risk of injuries compared to other types of motor vehicles by taking training courses and talking to experienced attorneys.

Who May Be Legally Responsible for an Accident in Colorado Springs?

Under state law, anyone who is at fault for the accident can have a claim against them as well as anyone who has vicarious liability for the party who caused the accident. In other words, a person who causes an accident on their personal time could have a claim against them.

If a person causes an accident and they are driving their employer’s vehicle during work, there can be a claim against this person and their employer. Additionally, parents may be liable for their children’s acts, depending on the circumstances. Usually, if someone has a dependent child who is driving their vehicle and that minor is in their household, they are going to be responsible under the family car doctrine for what this person does with the vehicle.

In general, a person’s own insurance company is responsible for the negligence of its policyholders. Therefore, if someone causes an accident because of their negligence, their insurance company pays for that.

Contact an Attorney for Help Understanding Motorbike Accident Cases in Colorado Springs

Understanding Colorado Springs motorcycle accident cases can be difficult without a knowledgeable attorney. Our dedicated lawyers are here to help you through the claims process. To learn how we can help you and your case, call today.