Insurance Claims Following Motorcycle Accidents in Colorado Springs

The mandatory insurance requirement is $25,000 per person and $50,000 per accident for liability. Unfortunately, not everyone meets these minimums because they cannot afford it. This can make pursuing insurance claims following motorcycle accidents in Colorado Springs even more difficult. Fortunately, our dedicated team of attorneys could help.

When Should Someone Make Their Insurance Claim in Colorado Springs?

In Colorado Springs, a person should report a motorcycle accident to their insurance provider as soon as the police investigation is complete and someone is physically able to do so. If an individual is laid up in a hospital, they should make a claim as soon as practically possible so that their insurance company and the at-fault insurance can begin their investigation.

There are rules in one’s own insurance policy when they should report an accident, so it is best not to delay it unless it is not possible because of their health or condition. It is important to note that a person should contact an attorney before speaking with any insurance provider.

Cases Where Insurance Is Not Available

If a person caused an accident and they do not have insurance, they should contact a lawyer, especially if they caused another individual a lot of damages because they can expect this person to make a claim against them.

If someone is the injured party, and they do not have insurance, then it is best to contact an attorney because their only source of recovery may be from the defendant. Because this person does not have insurance to help them out, they may want to ensure that their claim against the at-fault party is handled properly.

Lack of insurance makes a huge difference in a motorcycle case in Colorado Springs. If there is not insurance available, most individuals who caused accidents are not the type of people that have millions sitting in their bank account ready to pay someone if they hurt them.

It is usually people who cannot afford insurance. Therefore, if they cannot afford a monthly insurance premium, they cannot afford to pay someone’s medical bills. Lack of insurance makes a big difference in terms of treatment and a claimant’s options. If there is no insurance available to pay for someone’s injury, then they need to find a way to pay for their treatment that is not going to send them into bankruptcy.

One of the biggest causes of bankruptcy is medical expenses, so if someone haphazardly gets medical treatment and there is no insurance to cover it, that is going to have to be paid for somehow. For that reason, a claimant should contact an experienced attorney who can help them navigate the process and give them advice on what to do if there is no insurance available by the at-fault driver. There may be other avenues to get treatment through one’s own insurance, even if the at-fault driver is uninsured.

Contact a Colorado Springs Attorney for Help with Insurance Claims After a Motorcycle Wreck

One of the main ways a person may recover compensation after a motorbike wreck is through insurance. However, this process can be challenging for some parties. For help pursuing insurance claims following a motorcycle accident in Colorado Springs, contact our experienced attorneys today.