Colorado Springs Rollover Car Accidents

A rollover accident may occur when a driver swerves their car to avoid something in the road, such as a pothole, an animal, or another object. This swerving action leads to the motorist to make an overcorrection, causing their vehicle to flip over. Colorado Springs rollover car accidents can result in significant damage to a driver’s car and severe bodily harm. If you have been involved in such a car wreck, contact a lawyer who could identify if you have a viable claim.

How Do Rollover Car Crashes Occur?

Rollover accidents in Colorado Springs typically involve taller, narrower vehicles, such as pick-up trucks, vans, and SUVs, due to their higher center of gravity. These car wrecks may occur because of bad tires or poor road conditions. It is important to note that most fatalities in rollover car wrecks are a result of single-vehicle crashes.

Additionally, these accidents may involve objects or debris flying out of another vehicle, such as a garbage truck, which causes the driver behind this motorist to over-correct. Speeding, defective vehicle parts, reckless driving, hitting the curb, drinking and driving, and bad weather conditions also may contribute to accidents where a car may flip over.

Preventing an Accident

These crashes can be extremely dangerous because they have a higher fatality rate than other kinds of collisions. A rollover accident can be inherently riskier than rear-end or front-end collisions because not only are the vehicle’s occupants being jostled around from all sides, but any items in the car are thrown in all directions, which poses a greater risk of injury to the occupants.

Colorado Springs motorists can decrease their chances of being severely injured in a rollover car wreck by wearing their seatbelt. However, to avoid being involved in such accidents at all, drivers should properly care for their vehicles with routine maintenance check-ups and good tires. For example, if a vehicle unexpectedly malfunctions or a tire suddenly blows out, it may be too late for a driver to avoid getting into an accident. Motorists also can prevent their car from flipping over by following the posted speed limits.

How Does Someone Document a Rollover Accident?

To properly document a rollover accident, the driver should call the police to document and investigate the scene. The driver also can take pictures, obtain contact information and brief statements from any witnesses, and exchange information with any other parties involved in the accident.

Legal professionals also recommend that motorists document road conditions at the time of the accident by taking pictures of potholes, debris, or bad weather. A knowledgeable lawyer could help an injured party collect the necessary evidence for their claim.

Retain an Attorney for Help After a Rollover Car Accident in Colorado Springs

From the initial consultation for a case to its resolution, a Colorado Springs attorney could work diligently to ensure that you are adequately compensated for the damages from your accident. A lawyer could thoroughly review and analyze insurance documentation, medical records, police reports, and witness statements to aggressively advocate for your best interests as you recover from a serious accident.

Communication is key to receiving proper compensation, and a legal professional could keep your updated and informed as your case progresses. To learn how one of your team members could help you after a Colorado Springs rollover car accident, call today.