Colorado Springs Head-On Collision Lawyer

A head-on collision occurs when two vehicles that are driving in opposite directions crash into each other. Front-end accidents can result in severe, if not deadly, injuries and may occur when a negligent driver travels down a road in the opposite direction of traffic. Because the results of these accidents can be devastating, you should contact a Colorado Springs head-on collision lawyer if you have sustained injuries in this type of wreck. An experienced attorney could work to ensure that you receive the compensation you deserve from the negligent party.

How Do Front-End Collisions Occur?

One common issue that causes head-on collisions is the weather. During the winter, snow and ice can affect the streets and a vehicle’s ability to stop. When the freeways or highways are under construction, some intersections may become confusing, causing drivers to travel the wrong way down a road.

Similarly, when someone drives in the opposite direction of traffic down a one-way street, this can cause a serious head-on accident. A Colorado Springs head-on collision attorney could determine if the cause of an injured party’s accident was negligent behavior and assess whether they may have a viable lawsuit.

What are the Potential Injuries in Head-On Collisions?

People involved in head-on collisions may experience whiplash from the impact of another vehicle. Front-end accidents also may cause head injuries, such as concussions and brain bleeds, as well as broken bones. Because the impact of two vehicles colliding head-on can be significant, people involved in these types of accidents may suffer fatal injuries.

It is important to note that some of the symptoms of serious injuries may not appear immediately following an accident. Still, anyone involved in a car wreck should follow up with a doctor to ensure that they did not sustain any injuries that could become fatal if left untreated.

Determining Liability

Fault is assigned in head-on accidents similarly to other car wreck cases. Therefore, the police may conduct an investigation to determine if either party violated any traffic laws. For instance, if one motorist drives through a red light and hits another vehicle head-on, this may be recorded in a police report.

Through this evidence, a court could determine that this motorist was driving recklessly, and therefore, should be held liable. Since every case is different, the best step for an injured person to take is to contact a Colorado Springs lawyer with experience in head-on collision cases.

Role of an Attorney

The first step an attorney may take in a head-on collision case in Colorado Springs is collecting evidence. This may be done by gathering statements from the injured party and witnesses, and by reviewing the accident report.

Legal counsel may also file letters of representation to the insurance companies to ensure that the adjusters speak directly with a claimant’s attorney rather than contacting them personally. A legal team could review medical bills and records to ensure proper documentation and fair compensation.

Hire a Colorado Springs Head-On Collision Attorney

After being involved in a front-end accident, you may be unsure about what rights you may have and which legal steps to take to pursue compensation. Fortunately, a Colorado Springs head-on collision lawyer could become your advocate throughout the claims process. For help on your case, schedule a consultation today.