Colorado Springs Side-Impact Truck Collisions

A side-impact collision, or T-bone accident, usually happens when one vehicle runs into the side of the other at a more or less a 90-degree angle. This type of crash may happen because a trucker ran a red light or a stop sign, or they failed to yield and turned in front of another vehicle.

Colorado Springs side-impact truck collisions can be extremely dangerous and may result in long-term, if not permanent, injuries. Fortunately, our team of attorneys could help you take legal action against the truck driver who hit you and pursue fair compensation.

What to Do Following a T-Bone Truck Collision in Colorado Springs

Immediately after a Colorado Springs side-impact collision with a semi-truck, a person should take care of themselves, make sure they are safe, and determine the type of emergency medical care, if any, they need. They may need an ambulance or emergency responders to remove them from the vehicle. If possible, those involved in these accidents should move away from other cars on the road because other drivers are not as careful as they should be around collision sites. It is also important to check on the other drivers if they can do so safely.

Common Effects of Side-Impact Truck Accidents

Common effects of side-impact collisions include damage to the vehicle. There may be damage to the side of one vehicle or the front end of the other. Additionally, some individuals may suffer injuries such as whiplash, which is a common type of injury in a T-bone. If a motorist gets hit from the side, their head may go from side-to-side because of the momentum, or if they are run into the side of the truck turning in front of them, they may suffer front-to-back whiplash. Individuals also may sustain injuries from the airbags, lacerations when their body parts hit parts inside the car, or their knee jams into the dashboard.

Role of an Attorney

In Colorado Springs, one of the initial steps an attorney may take following a side-impact truck accident is investigate to determine how the crash happened, the cause or causes, who was involved, and other relevant information.

Then, a lawyer should make sure the claimant and their loved ones are receiving proper medical treatment. That may happen in cases where a person’s health insurance does not cover all of their treatment or they do not have enough money to pay. When this is the situation, a lawyer could manage medical treatment liens so the claimant can get the treatment they need, and then pay using the settlement or jury award.

It is important that a person contact a Colorado Springs early on in a T-bone truck accident case because most problems that arise can be minimal if they are dealt with early. An experienced attorney could help someone either avoid these problems or resolve them quickly. The biggest problems that arise when the person waits to contact a lawyer is they mishandle one part of their case, making the problem even worse.

Retain a Colorado Springs Attorney After a T-Bone Accident with a Truck

If you were involved in a Colorado Springs side-impact truck accident, you should speak with a legal representative from our team. We could help you overcome any legal obstacles so that your main focus can be on your physical and emotional recovery. Call today to get started on your case.