Colorado Springs Bus Accident Lawyer

Buses play an essential role in any transportation network. They take children to school, provide transportation for commuters traveling to work, and take people over state lines to visit relatives. Still, due to their massive size, wide blind spots, and difficulty to control, improper bus operation can cause serious accidents. If a bus driver is liable for a collision, injured parties may have the right to seek compensation.

If you suffered an injury because of a bus driver’s negligence, you have the right to pursue damages. Regardless of whether you were in another vehicle or a passenger, a Colorado Springs bus accident lawyer could help pursue your claim. A skilled personal injury attorney could review your case and help you file a lawsuit against the negligent party.

Assigning Fault in Bus Wreck Cases

All drivers on the road assume a duty to drive in a reasonable manner that places other people on the road out of harm. Assigning fault in a bus crash applies this legal theory. For instance, a court may allocate fault to a bus driver if they speed, fail to signal before turning, disregard their blind spots, or drive while distracted.

When people suffer injuries because of this negligent behavior, they have the right to demand compensation. A Colorado Springs bus accident attorney could help pursue claims on behalf of motorists, bikers, or passengers who endure injuries because of the negligence of at-fault bus drivers.

A Bus Driver’s Duties to Thier Passengers

The law defines buses as common carriers, which means these drivers must assume a duty to protect their passengers from any foreseeable harm. It is important to note that bus drivers owe a duty of care to people both inside and outside of their vehicle.

This duty can be especially important in bus crash cases because of the lack of safety features on many buses. While passenger cars must have seatbelts, airbags, and other protective measures, buses may not have these required safety features. Therefore, even a minor collision could lead to a passenger hitting their head on a window, flying out of their seat, or suffering from broken bones. A Colorado Springs bus wreck lawyer could review an injured passenger’s case to determine if a bus driver followed their duties as a common carrier or if they could be held liable.

Hire a Colorado Springs Bus Accident Attorney

Bus accidents can result in life-changing injuries, leading to large medical bills, lost wages, and emotional anguish that can affect you for years to come. Much like all other drivers, bus operators must follow the rules of the road, and if they fail to do so, they could be at fault for any injuries they cause.

A Colorado Springs bus accident lawyer could help you whether you were in another vehicle passing by or if you were a passenger. They could work to demonstrate that the bus driver was negligent and caused your losses. Contact an attorney today to maximize your chance for a successful claim.