Safety and Preventative Measures in Colorado Springs Motorcycle Accidents

One of the most important safety measures people can take to prevent motorcycle accidents in Colorado Springs is simply being aware that other vehicles tend not to see motorcycles as well as they see cars, trucks, and other vehicles. That does not mean other drivers do not have to keep a lookout for motorcyclists, just that motorcycles are smaller and often harder to spot.

Motorcyclists do themselves a favor when they are more alert and aware that other drivers cannot see them as easily. Practically speaking, there are several specific behaviors motorcyclists should take to help themselves in this way and minimize their odds of needing to call a motorcycle accident lawyer.

Safety Measures Prior to Riding

Prior to riding a motorcycle, the operator should check every component they would check on a normal vehicle, including lights, turn signals, and steering controls. While they are not necessary when driving an enclosed vehicle, it also helps for motorcyclists to wear reflective clothing and a helmet while traveling.

Compared to motor vehicle drivers, motorcyclists should additionally be more aware of road conditions they can expect to encounter. Because they are traveling on two wheels instead of four, it is easier for them to lose control of their vehicle in unfavorable conditions.

In Colorado Springs, one preventative measure all drivers are expected to take is to maintain control of their vehicle safely no matter the weather. Whether that means slowing down when the roads are snow-covered or icy, traveling at a lower rate of speed, or leaving a larger distance between them and other vehicles, riders should be aware of weather conditions and modify their behavior accordingly.

Recommended Road Positions for Colorado Springs Motorcyclists

When it comes to right-of-way order and maintaining their lane, the same traffic laws that apply to cars and trucks also apply to motorcyclists. However, since motorcycles are harder to see than typical commuter cars, bikers should always be aware for their own safety that they cannot be seen in a blind spot as easily as a larger vehicle.

For this reason, a motorcyclist is usually safer riding behind the driver’s side of other cars, so they can be seen more easily in side and rearview mirrors. That part of the road also typically has less oil, gravel, sand, and rainwater, which makes for better traction. In heavy traffic, though, motorcyclists may want to switch between the left and right wheel tracks to attract the attention of other drivers, as long as they can do so safely with respect to other drivers’ blind spots.

Proactive Measures to Take after a Wreck in Colorado Springs

The number one thing someone should do after a motorcycle accident is to make sure they are safe. If a motorcycle accident occurs in the middle of the road, the rider should move out of the road, and call law enforcement.

It is especially helpful to have law enforcement on the scene if an injured party later wants to establish civil fault. Law enforcement can perform a neutral investigation to ensure that an ensuing claim is not the injured party’s word against the other driver, making it easier to determine fault objectively.

Another safety measure that Colorado Springs motorcyclists should take is to note their blood type, medical information, allergies, and emergency contacts somewhere on their person in the event of an accident. If they are unconscious after a crash, this information allows emergency responders to provide the care they need.

Should Riders Wear a Helmet Cam?

If the camera is safely attached and operating properly, footage from an accident might help prove a motorcyclist’s case that someone else was at fault. Additionally, if someone says the motorcyclist did something wrong, having a video showing otherwise could help strengthen their claim.

The potential downside to this is if an injured rider does not understand what happened in their accident or lied about it, the video evidence may contradict their version of the event. That being said, as long as a motorcyclist refrains from making false claims, a video camera that is properly installed and operational is a benefit to them and the public.

Contact a Colorado Springs Attorney to Learn More About Preventing Motorcycle Wrecks

Observing safe behaviors can go a long way toward preventing Colorado Springs motorcycle accidents, but unfortunately, no such method is foolproof. If you end up getting hurt because of someone else’s negligent behavior, you may have no choice but to file suit if you want to recover for your damages.

In this scenario, the assistance of a skilled motorcycle wreck lawyer can prove invaluable. If you think you may have a case, call today to schedule a consultation and start exploring your legal options.