Colorado Springs Motor Scooter Accident Lawyer

A Colorado Springs motor scooter accident lawyer could help you through the claims process if you were involved in a serious collision. The potential losses a rider may sustain can be serious and may impact an individual’s life for an extended period of time. Our dedicated team of attorneys could help you obtain compensation for all of these losses.

Traffic Laws for Motor Scooter Riders in Colorado Springs

Colorado Springs traffic laws apply to motor scooters the same as they do motorcycles. If someone is riding a two-wheel vehicle in traffic, they are held to the same standards as motorcyclists. If someone has a low-power scooter with an engine size of 50 ccs or less, they do not qualify as a motorcyclist under state law. However, they are required to have a basic driver’s license to operate that low-power scooter on public streets.

Why are Motor Scooters So Dangerous?

Motor scooters are potentially dangerous because of the lack of training required. If it is a low-power scooter, then they do not need an “M” endorsement. The driver may be less trained in how to operate a two-wheel vehicle on public streets than a motorcyclist with an “M” endorsement on their license.

Additionally, their vehicle is not going to go as fast as other vehicles, making them more vulnerable if other drivers do not expect them to be going the speed they are going. Otherwise, a lot of the injuries an individual may sustain in a scooter accident may be similar to those involved in a crash on a motorcycle or a bicycle.

The biggest danger with a low-power scooter that differs from motorcycles is that they do not go at the same speed as traffic. Additionally, motor scooters may be somewhat less visible or expected by other motorists driving passenger vehicles because they are much lower to the ground than other traffic.  This makes riders of motor scooters more vulnerable to collisions with other vehicles.

Recoverable Damages in Motor Scooter Accident Cases

After someone sustains injuries while driving a motor scooter in Colorado Springs, a person can pursue a lawsuit with the help of an attorney. All of these claims can be the same as those made by a motorcyclist or anyone else injured in a motor vehicle accident. These may include medical expenses, mileage for treatment, pain and suffering, lost wages, and injuries for permanent impairment. As well as other damages.

In a motorcyclist or scooter accident, there is probably more risk of scarring because the body is more exposed in the crash, and so a claimant may be able to recover for scarring damages. Finally, an injured person may recover for the effects the incident had on their personal life with their family, their ability to complete household chores, their leisure activities, and their recreational hobbies.

Speak with a Colorado Springs Motor Scooter Accident Attorney

Any type of motor vehicle crash can be hard to come back from. However, because of the lack of protection that motor scooter riders have, their losses can be particularly serious. If you were involved in a severe crash, contact a Colorado Springs motor scooter accident lawyer today.