Health Insurance in Colorado Springs Bicycle Accidents

It is important to have health insurance as it can and will be the primary form of payment for treatment for injuries from the bicycle accident. If you do not have health insurance following a bicycle accident in Colorado Springs, other avenues need to be looked at. For instance, the injured party’s automobile insurance policy could be a potential source of compensation. In Colorado, if medical payments coverage is elected on the auto policy, then this can be a way to pay for treatment following the bicycle accident. Additionally, a bike accident attorney could help someone hold their medical costs on a lien and pay out their bills with a settlement.

Benefits of Health Insurance

By having health insurance, it creates peace of mind. When someone is involved in a bicycle accident, their lives are turned upside-down. They now have appointments they have to go to. They have injuries that they have to treat and potentially work that they may miss. Having health insurance could create peace of mind by taking one less thing off of an injured party’s plate.

Health Insurance and Paid Sick Leave

Potentially, health insurance could limit someone’s paid sick leave if they are capped at a certain dollar amount from either type of financial coverage. In this situation, the injured person may end up not getting the proper amount of treatment as recommended by their medical care provider.

This is why it is important to speak with an injury attorney to see, examine, and investigate all potential avenues of compensation. When an injured bicyclist hires a lawyer they may more easily be able to follow their medical care provider’s recommendations and avoid limiting their options based on the amount of health insurance coverage or paid sick leave that they have.

How Coverage Works Following a Bike Accident in Colorado Springs

In Colorado Springs, the health insurance company is going to require reimbursement from the bike accident settlement, which is called subrogation. Subrogation means that the insurance company should be reimbursed for the monies that they have put up.

The biggest way that a bike accident could  impact insurance rates would be if the cyclist was at fault for their accident. In this case, their rates could potentially go up. However, if they were not at fault, then generally, the insurance companies cannot raise their rates. Insurance companies use many factors to determine their premiums. Some of these that may impact the rate would be traffic violations, age, gender, the residential neighborhood that they live in, and prior accidents.

The first thing to do regarding the health insurance following a bicycle accident would be to contact the insurance company and let them know of the accident.

Retain a Colorado Springs Attorney for Help Dealing with Health Insurance Following a Bike Wreck

If you call use, our dedicated team could examine all available insurances and determine what is available. We could also then find out what the at-fault party’s policy limits are.

Most importantly, we could guide you through the process, and stand by your side as you recover. For more information about how we could help you with health insurance in a Colorado Springs bicycle accident.