Colorado Springs Paralysis Injury Lawyer

While some forms of paralysis may result from genetic issues or other medical conditions, an accidental injury may be the cause of other cases. If you were left paralyzed after an accident, a seasoned attorney could help you file a civil lawsuit for damages. A Colorado Springs paralysis injury lawyer could review your case and determine how much your claim may be worth.

Types of Paralysis Injuries

The severity of an accident and the location of the injury dictates how a person may lose control of certain parts of their body. Additionally, how someone’s injury impacts their life can have a significant impact on the way a Colorado Springs paralysis accident lawyer pursues damages. For instance, some forms of immobilization may result in a full recovery and fewer losses, while others may require serious medical care.


Monoplegia involves the loss of use of a single body part, such as an arm or leg. This type of paralysis is most commonly related to cerebral palsy. However, monoplegia may result from bodily harm involving nerve damage or impingement, motor neuron impairment, or brain injuries.


Hemiplegia affects the limbs on only one side of the body. Like monoplegia, this form of immobilization may stem from cerebral palsy. Hemiplegia can also occur because of nerve or brain injuries. In many cases, this form of paralysis comes on slowly beginning with tingling or numbness.


Paraplegia is when someone loses their ability to control their limbs and organs below the waist. Paraplegia often results from injuries to the neck or back and could be permanent.


The most extensive form of paralysis, quadriplegia, is the loss of feeling or motor skills below the neck. Quadriplegia may require the installation of medical equipment in a patient’s house and at-home care.

Shared Fault

In some cases, an injured party may be responsible for the accident that caused their paralysis. According to Colorado Revised Statute §13-21-111, a plaintiff may recover damages if they are 49 percent less than responsible for their accident. Otherwise, the law may bar an injured party from recovery. It is important to note that if someone can receive compensation, the court may reduce a plaintiff’s award in proportion to their percentage of fault.

For example, if a judge finds an injured claimant to be 20 percent at fault for their losses then they may recover 80 percent of their damages. A Colorado Springs paralysis injury attorney could asses a plaintiff’s case and determine if comparative fault may impact their ability to recover.

Contact a Colorado Springs Paralysis Injury Attorney

After being paralyzed in an accident, your life may change drastically. You may need future treatment and additional at-home support, which can cause your medical expenses to increase significantly. To lessen the financial burdens you may be facing, contact an experienced Colorado Springs paralysis injury lawyer for help pursuing a claim for damages.

A skilled attorney could help you through the litigation process while you focus on your recovery. Schedule an initial consultation to get started on your case today.

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