Colorado Springs Parking Lot Accident Lawyer

Serious motor vehicle crashes can happen anywhere and in various conditions. Parking lots can be a particularly dangerous place where accidents may occur because of the number of vehicles and pedestrians in one space. If you were involved in this type of crash, a Colorado Springs parking lot accident lawyer could help you explore your legal options. Our skilled car wreck attorneys understand the legal nuances of these cases and could work to prepare a strong claim for damages on your behalf.

Common Parking Lots Collisions in Colorado Springs

Generally, in a parking lot, certain types of accidents may happen. For example, one scenario could be two drivers backing into each other. Another could be a car leaving the parking lot and getting rear-ended by another driver.

Frequently what happens is someone in a parking spot backs out and hits a driver going through the through lane behind them. Additionally, these collisions may occur when a driver speeds forward out of their spot and hits a motorist or pedestrian coming through the lane. Another common accident that occurs in parking areas is when two motorists try to park in the same spot, and they end up hitting each other. A Colorado Springs attorney could review the specifics of a parking lot or garage accident and build a case based on how the collision occurred.

How Do Lower Speeds and Pedestrians Impact a Parking Garage Accident?

Slower speed limits and more pedestrians play a role in terms of how the rules change and how they should drive to ensure the safety of others. Drivers should not speed through the parking lot because of how compact it is and how many pedestrians there are. They also need to be observant when driving, and therefore, should not be texting or using their cellphone while behind the wheel.

Additionally, pedestrians have a duty to be aware of their surroundings in a parking lot. Pedestrians need to look up and pay attention to where they are going, and what nearby vehicles are doing.

How is a Parking Lot Accident Different from One on the Street?

The response to a parking lot accident differs from what it would be after a crash on the open road because a parking area is usually considered private property. Often, police do not investigate accidents in a parking lot because it is private property. When an accident occurs on the open road, police are called and they would make a police report. However, all parties involved should still exchange contact and insurance information, take photos of the accident, and talk to witnesses if they are involved in an accident in a parking lot.

It is important to note that if an injured party chooses to sue a parking lot property owner because they believe this person is at fault, a claimant would need to establish that there was a defective property condition of which the parking lot owner knew or should have known. This would make the accident a premises liability case and not a typical car wreck case.

Insurance in Garage Accidents

The insurance companies treat parking garage accidents by questioning liability or the fault of the parties. However, with detailed notes, photos, witness statements, and exchanged information, liability may not be an issue. In general, it is important to gather as much information as possible at the scene. A Colorado Springs parking garage accident lawyer could help someone prepare a case to file with an insurance company.

Determining Fault in Colorado Springs Cases

Fault can be difficult to determine in some parking garage collisions. For instance, a driver who rear-ends another driver in a parking lot is usually at-fault. Alternatively, a pedestrian walking around the parking lot may not be negligent at first, but their actions later may show some fault. These actions may include looking down at their cell phone or otherwise being completely oblivious to their surroundings.

Two vehicles that both tried to park in the same spot are generally equally at-fault. A driver who pulls out and hits the car traveling in the through lane is more likely at-fault. One important reminder is that all parking lot accident cases are fact-specific and should be consulted with a Colorado Springs attorney.

Hire a Colorado Springs Parking Lot Accident Attorney

The kinds of qualities and experiences a person should look for when hiring an attorney to represent them in a parking lot accident case include good communication skills, a sympathetic ear, and a desire to advocate for their clients.

Our Colorado Springs parking lot accident lawyers have the resources to investigate these cases and provide proper counseling adequately. If you need help with your claim, schedule an initial case consultation today.