Mistakes to Avoid After a Car Accident in Colorado Springs

The aftermath of a serious car wreck can be extremely confusing and overwhelming. As a result, an injured party could make mistakes that may prevent them from seeking compensation from the at-fault motorist. To learn more about the mistakes to avoid after a car accident in Colorado Springs, you should contact a knowledgeable lawyer from our firm.

Admitting Fault or Apologizing

Admitting fault at the scene of a car accident in Colorado Springs is a mistake because fault is one of the main factors in determining whether or not a person is going to be responsible for payment of damages to another party. If a party admits fault immediately, it is a piece of evidence that could be used against them when filing for a lawsuit or making a demand against the at-fault driver.

The risk of trying to be polite by apologizing is accidentally admitting fault. When there is an auto accident, there is generally an at-fault driver and a motorist who is not responsible. When the at-fault driver wants to be polite and apologizes, they are legally admitting that they were responsible. In today’s society, politeness is nice, but at the same time, from a legal standpoint, they are at admitting fault, which may impact their ability to recover financially.

Why is Refusing Medical Treatment a Mistake Following a Car Wreck?

In Colorado Springs, refusing immediate medical treatment is a mistake because this implies that the claimant was fine immediately following the car accident. Injured drivers must get checked out by a medical professional or someone at an emergency clinic to find out what kind of injuries they have, especially those that are not visible. If someone refuses initial treatment, it also shows that they are potentially somebody who did not cooperate.

Why Should Someone Avoid Giving a Recorded Statement to an Insurance Company?

One of the biggest dangers in giving recorded statements to the other driver’s insurance company before consulting with an attorney is that someone may make a statement that jeopardizes their claim for damages. The job of the at-fault driver’s insurance company is to get as much information as possible. Usually, people are going to be nervous talking to the opposing side’s insurance company, so they tend to ramble. By doing that, the person giving the recorded statement may give up information that they should not be admitting to, such as what they were doing just before the wreck or prior injuries.

Failing to Contact an Attorney in Colorado Springs

It could be a mistake to fail to contact an attorney right after a car accident in Colorado Springs for a variety of reasons. One is that an injured party could end up talking to the at-fault insurance company and disclosing information that was either unneeded or that could hurt their case. Additionally, without proper legal representation, a claimant may end up signing over their rights for compensation early by accepting a check.

From an emotional standpoint, by failing to contact an attorney, a claimant may end up carrying the weight of trying to get the case settled on their own. An injury attorney could help someone deal with the emotional stress and understand what the typical case flow and timeline of an auto accident looks like.

Additional Mistakes

Some other mistakes people tend to make in Colorado Springs after being involved in the car crash is not calling the police and trying to settle the case on their own. By trying to settle the case on their own with the at-fault party and not involving the police or coverage providers, an injured party may be unable to create a record, and they lose their right to seek compensation from the other party. Trying to settle a case too quickly is one of the biggest mistakes because a claimant may take a settlement amount that is lower than the value of their case.

Retain a Colorado Springs Attorney to Learn About the Mistakes to Avoid Following an Auto Wreck

There are many mistakes to avoid after a car accident in Colorado Springs. A knowledgeable attorney could prevent someone from making these errors and putting their civil claim for damages at risk. Contact our firm today for help with your auto accident case.