What to Do After a Bicycle Accident in Colorado Springs

The first step that an injured cyclist should take following a bicycle accident is call the police to come to the scene so they can make a report. It is important that the police come out because they can talk to all involved parties, take photos, and make a record. Next, an individual should assess their injuries and surroundings and then get medical treatment immediately after calling the police.

However, even after taking all of these steps, it can still be complicated to know what to do after a bicycle accident in Colorado Springs. Fortunately, our dedicated team of bike wreck attorneys is here to help.

Speaking with the Insurance Company After a Bike Wreck

Following a bike accident in Colorado Springs, an individual should notify their insurance once they have taken care of themselves and had their injuries assessed. However, it is important to note that injured claimants should avoid giving a recorded statement to any insurance company without speaking to an experienced lawyer first.

Claimants should not give a recorded statement because they may give more information than necessary or say something that could ultimately hurt their case. An injured party should retain an attorney who could talk to them about what happened in the case and explain how to give a recorded statement properly.

If a bicyclist suffers injuries in an accident, they should contact an attorney if they do not have insurance. An attorney could investigate whether there are other available resources or insurances available for compensation. For instance, a lawyer may determine if the at-fault driver or party may be accountable for paying compensation through their insurance.

Collecting Evidence

The evidence that someone should try to preserve immediately following a bike accident is pictures of the wreck, witness statements, the description of the scene, and what the weather was like that day. Injured cyclists also should note anything unusual that may have happened. Additionally, they should make sure to exchange information with the at-fault party. That exchange of information should include insurance documents, photos, and potentially IDs so that they know how to get in contact with the opposing party.

It is important to gather this evidence because it helps recount what happened during that time. At the moment the accident happens, it is important to begin gathering information because the event is fresh in people’s memories. Sometimes, our attorneys find that if people do not exchange information, it makes it difficult to be able to contact the at-fault party at a later time.

Retaining Legal Counsel in Colorado Springs

A person injured in an accident while riding their bike in Colorado Springs should contact a lawyer once they contact the police and seek medical treatment. It is important to speak with an injury attorney to understand the case and the claims process. A legal representative could guide someone and become an advocate for them through their entire case.

One way that an attorney could help is by offering emotional support. An accident can take a toll on someone as it could affect their entire life. It may upend a person’s life because now they must go to treatment, and continue to take care of their families and go to work.

An attorney could help with this because they could remove the burdens that come with handling a cycling accident case. Additionally, our legal team comes with experience and knowledge about how to help claimants handle a case with care and confidence.

A lawyer could walk through every aspect of a case. From the beginning when they are injured through the treatment phase. Our team could write up a demand, handle negotiations, and fight for a fair settlement. If an injured bicyclist cannot reach a settlement, then an attorney is necessary because the next step would be the litigation process in court.

Contact an Attorney for Help Learning What to Do Following a Cycling Accident in Colorado Springs

Knowing what to do after a bicycle accident in Colorado Springs can be tough without someone to guide you. Therefore, you should not try to handle a bicycle accident case on your own because there are many moving parts and legal nuances to these situations. Your number one objective following an accident should be to focus on healing. Having to deal with the insurance adjusters, medical records, bills, payments to doctors, writing a demand letter, and negotiations can become overwhelming. For help with your case, call today.