Unique Aspects of Bicycle Accidents in Colorado Springs

There are many unique aspects of bicycle accidents in Colorado Springs that make these incidents extremely dangerous. Therefore, cyclists should be prepared to take certain steps in the event of a serious collision. If you suffered injuries while riding your bike, our skilled lawyers could help you take legal action and seek fair compensation.

Common Scenarios that Result in Bicycle Wrecks in Colorado Springs

One common scenario that results in a bike wreck is when a cyclist rides too close to a lane of traffic and gets into an accident with a car. Another situation that may occur is when a cyclist riding in the mountains, and they get hit by a distracted driver. A bicyclist also may cause an accident if they are not paying attention to their surroundings.

The types of accidents that are unique to bicycle accidents in Colorado Springs are a cyclist getting hit by a car door, a bike rider being hit by a vehicle making a right turn, or a car coming out of an intersection and hitting a bicyclist.

What Makes Bike Accidents Different from Other Types of Collisions?

One of the biggest differences when it comes to bicycle accidents is how exposed a rider is compared to a driver of a motor vehicle. This exposure leaves a bicycle rider open to serious injuries if they are involved in a car-versus-bike collision.

A large majority of bicyclists are struck by the front of a vehicle, leading to fatal crashes. Common injuries in bike accidents are head trauma, facial injuries, spine injuries, brain damage, ruptured discs, bone fractures, broken bones, and wrongful death.

Some factors that lead to bicycle crashes being more common than pedestrian accidents are the speed of the cyclist versus a pedestrian. Additionally, because pedestrians are walking in crosswalks with the right of way and bicyclists ride in traffic next to moving vehicles, this presents more of a risk to cyclists.

How to Avoid Cycling Accidents in Colorado Springs

A cyclist must constantly be aware of their surroundings, as there are many dangers outside of their control. Some of those dangers include a car leaving a driveway, a grate in the road, animals running around, potholes in the road, a car door opening, a moving vehicle, or pedestrians. Also, unlike a car or truck, a bicycle does not have any exterior protection.

To become more prepared, bicyclists can take classes on biking safety. Additionally, these individuals should always follow the rules of the road. For instance, bicyclists should not drink alcohol while they are riding their bikes.

Contact a Colorado Springs Attorney to Learn More About the Unique Aspects of Bike Wrecks

One of our dedicated team members could help someone involved in a bicycle accident by guiding them through the process. Our attorneys could help injured cyclists find treatment, review all available insurances, and be their advocate throughout the case. To learn more about the unique aspects of bicycle accidents in Colorado Springs, schedule a consultation with a lawyer at our firm.