Colorado Springs Motorcycle Accident Injuries

Colorado Springs motorcycle accident injures are usually more severe than other motor vehicle collisions, because motorcyclists lack protection from the impact of a car. As a result, injuries sustained by motorcyclists often have permanent consequences and require ongoing medical or rehabilitative treatment.

Injuries which are common in motorcycle accidents include broken bones, road rash, lacerations, bruising, and soft tissue injuries. Fortunately, a skilled motorcycle collision attorney could help you recover any costs you have incurred as a result of another motorist’s negligence.

Severe Head Trauma

The most devastating type of injury in a motorcycle accident is severe head trauma, which can fundamentally alter an individual’s personality and the way they interact with the world. Colorado state law does not explicitly define a traumatic brain injury (TBI), but medical science defines it as a non-degenerative injury. In other words, the injury is not a result of old age or wear and tear on the brain, nor is it congenital—instead, it comes from an external force.

A traumatic brain injury could lead to temporary or permanent impairment of cognitive functions, as well as an inability to perform physical and psychosocial tasks. A TBI may also be associated with a diminished or altered state of consciousness.

TBIs primarily result from accidents in which a motorcyclist’s head sustains a direct impact from the pavement, the curb, or another vehicle. A biker’s head is much more exposed during a collision compared to a motor vehicle operator, so traumatic brain damage is a particularly significant risk for motorcyclists.

Broken Bones

Broken bones may occur as a result of a motorcyclist’s body hitting other vehicles, the ground, curbs, light posts, or other objects in or around the road. Sustaining one or more broken bones in a Colorado Springs motorcycle wreck can have serious consequences depending on which bones are broken, how they are fractured, and whether they need surgery to be repaired.

For example, the ankle is a common location for bone fractures in motorcycle wrecks, and healing from this type of injury often requires the surgical insertion of screws and rods to hold the pieces of broken bone in place. There may be multiple surgeries needed to install and remove that hardware, and even once the bone itself heals, there may be permanent effects in the form of ongoing pain, limited range of motion, and weakness in that area.

Short- and Long-Term Consequences

While the immediate effects of a catastrophic injury may be obvious, the full impact of a motorcycle accident may not be clear for months or even years after the incident. Substantial long-term consequences like diminished range of motion, loss of strength, and permanent scarring may impact every aspect of an injured motorcyclist’s life, including their occupational options and even their self-image.

In addition to identifying the types of injuries and damages a plaintiff could claim recovery for, a skilled attorney could also determine whether expert testimony is needed to demonstrate the extent of a biker’s injuries and connect them to the specific accident in question.

For example, an orthopedic surgeon may be summoned to discuss the effects of a broken ankle and the medical intervention required to fix it. A person injured in a Colorado Springs motorcycle accident might also need an economist or vocational rehabilitation expert to talk about the effect the injury has had or will have on their employment and ability to earn income.

Seeking Compensation for Colorado Springs Motorcycle Accident Injuries

The best way for someone hurt in a motorcycle accident in Colorado Springs to document the effects of their injuries is to see a qualified healthcare provider or visit an emergency room or Urgent Care facility. The records of medical providers are often much more persuasive in civil court than an injured person’s own testimony, although a journal or pain diary can be helpful in establishing the personal losses associated with a motorcycle accident.

The most important step for injured motorcyclists to take, however, is to retain a dedicated legal professional who could help them understand their options and take the necessary steps toward obtaining compensation. Call today to find out how a motorcycle accident attorney from our firm could help you seek recovery for your injuries and losses.