Ashley Stieber

Legal Assistant

Ashley Stieber, Legal Assistant at Springs Law Group

Ashley Stieber – Legal Assistant

Ashley is a legal assistant and is the person who sets the tone for our potential clients and existing clients. She deals with initial intakes of potential clients. She is usually the first person in contact with new clients and talking to existing clients.

Ashley took Culinary classes at Pikes Peak Community College while in High School and she was a cook for seven years at many well known restaurants in Colorado Springs. She still has a passion for cooking but wanted to move to a different career in order to challenge herself. She has been taking Paralegal classes at Pikes Peak Community College in order to get her degree.

In her spare time Ashley likes to spend time with family, her animals, hike, cook, and sew. If you really want to get on Ashley’s good side, talk to her about her cats. She loves cats!