Fort Carson Failure to Yield Accident Lawyer

Drivers should be aware of the right-of-way laws because neglecting these rules of the road could cause a serious accident. In situations where a negligent motorist failed to yield properly, an injured party may be able to hold them legally accountable for their damages through a civil lawsuit. If you were involved in crash of this nature, you should reach out to a Fort Carson failure to yield accident lawyer. One of our skilled car wreck attorneys could advise you of your rights and work to obtain the compensation you need to recover fully.

Examples of Failure to Yield Accidents

Most failure to yield accidents involve reckless or negligent drivers, although circumstances vary greatly. Some common causes of these collisions may include:

  • A driver merging into another lane, cutting off a motorist already on the road
  • Making a left turn into oncoming traffic without the proper signal or space to complete the turn safely
  • Pulling out of a driveway or side street without yielding to oncoming traffic
  • Failing to stop for a pedestrian who is crossing in a crosswalk
  • A driver failing to see a yield sign due to distraction or inebriation

Drivers or pedestrians involved in accidents caused by failure to observe the right-of-way laws should contact a Fort Carson attorney to discuss their specific cases.

Who Must Yield to Whom on Fort Carson Roads?

Traffic laws are specific concerning who yields to whom when drivers and pedestrians are on the road. The first vehicle to reach the intersection of a four-way stop has the right-of-way over cars at the intersection. If two motorists reach the intersection simultaneously, the motorist to the right has the right to drive on. Motorists making left turns must yield to oncoming traffic if there is no traffic signal to control traffic flow. Motorists must always give pedestrians in crosswalks the right of way.

Establishing Negligence

When a driver fails to yield to another motorist, the injured party must prove negligence to pursue a civil lawsuit. Drivers have a duty to avoid actions that may put others on the road at a risk of harm. When a driver fails to uphold this duty and an accident occurs as a result, they may be legally negligent. An example of negligence that may occur in a failure to yield accident is when a driver turns left in front of an oncoming car that has the right of way.

Then, a crash occurs in which both drivers are injured, and both sustain damage. The police report states that the driver who turned left caused the accident because but for the driver’s actions, the accident would not have occurred. In this scenario, the driver with the right-of-way is injured and could probably prevail in a personal injury claim for negligence against the other party. A local car wreck attorney could help someone establish negligence in a failure to yield case.

Contact a Fort Carson Failure to Yield Accident Attorney

You may deserve compensation for your injuries if they were caused by a motorist who neglected the right of way. Our team could guide you through the legal process and help you build your case against the negligent motorist. To get started on your case, call today for your consultation.