Fort Carson Hit and Run Accident Lawyer

If another driver crashes into you and flees the scene, you may worry about what to do next. Firstly, it is important to note that fleeing the scene of an auto wreck is a crime, which means that the process of pursuing compensation in this type of accident claim may be a little different. Fortunately, a Fort Carson hit and run accident lawyer could help you through the legal process to get you compensation for your injuries. Our skilled car wreck attorneys understand the nuances of these cases and could handle any legal challenges that may arise.

What Should You Do After a Negligent Driver Flees the Scene of an Accident?

Motorists are required to remain at the scene of accidents and report them to authorities unless they must leave to seek medical help. The Traffic Management and Collision Investigation Section of the Fort Carson Police/Provost Marshal Division investigates accidents that occur on the Post. Colorado Springs, county, or state police can be reached by calling 911 for accidents that occur off the Post. After a car wreck in which one driver flees, the other driver should:

  • Call 911 to reach the police and ambulance. A police report is necessary to file an insurance claim and may be evidence in a civil action against the fleeing driver, while an ambulance can provide initial medical care
  • Stick to the facts when speaking with police and do not admit guilt
  • Get medical care from a qualified doctor who can assess their injuries
  • Write down any information about the fleeing driver or their vehicle
  • Scan the area for possible witnesses and ask for contact information or to stay and speak with the police
  • Take photos of damages and the fleeing motor vehicle if possible
  • Call the auto insurance agent to begin a claim

One of the most important steps for someone to take following a hit and run accident is to contact a local attorney.

What Recovery Options are There in a Hit and Run Accident Case?

People flee auto accidents for many reasons. They may not be carrying adequate insurance or they may be drunk. Regardless of why a driver left the scene of an accident, someone facing serious injuries may be unsure about their options for recovery if the at-fault party remains unidentifiable.

This is where an experienced Fort Carson attorney with experience handling hit and run accident cases could come in to negotiate with the injured driver’s insurance company or determine if there are other sources of compensation available. For example, some of these sources may include driving for the benefit of an employer or relying on a health insurance policy for medical care. Additionally, drivers should consider purchasing optional auto insurance policies when they cannot recover financial damages from an unidentified driver. Two of the most helpful are Uninsured or Underinsured Motorist Coverage and Med Pay Coverage.

Uninsured or Underinsured Motorist Coverage (UI/UIM)

UM/UIM motorist coverage pays for the injuries and damages of drivers injured by others who are uninsured, underinsured, or flee the scene after an accident. All insurance companies doing business in the state must offer this coverage.

Med Pay Coverage

Med Pay Coverage can be added to an auto insurance policy to offset high deductibles and copays common with medical insurance policies. Drivers may have the option to purchase coverage up to $25,000.

Reach out to a Fort Carson Hit and Run Accident Attorney

Arresting the person who caused your hit and run accident is just the beginning of what you may face when trying to get the compensation you need. A Fort Carson hit and run accident lawyer could face it with you as your advocate. Call today to schedule your initial case consultation.