Fort Carson Child Injury Lawyer

Many of the injuries that occur among children can be preventable. Unfortunately, however, in too many cases these incidents are caused by someone’s careless or negligent actions.

If your child suffered injuries in a serious incident, it is essential that your speak with a Fort Carson child injury lawyer to determine if you are eligible for financial compensation. Our personal injury attorneys acknowledge the upset of seeing your child get hurt, and we hope we can help you through this difficult time. 

Potential Causes of Child Injuries in Fort Carson

Colorado Revised Statute §13-81-101 classifies those yet to reach 18 years of age as people under disability who may not pursue civil actions on their own. A parent, guardian, or legal representative must file a personal injury claim on the child’s behalf. Our skilled lawyers in Fort Carson could help parents or other legal representatives file a child injury claim based on the circumstances around their accident.

Failures in Supervision

Parents frequently relying on others to protect their children from potentially dangerous situations. This applies to babysitters, daycare centers, schools, and more. For example, serious injuries may occur on playgrounds may result from poor supervision.

Dangerous or Defective Products

Each year, there are incidents where children are seriously injured or killed due to dangerous or defective products. Some examples of these accidents may involve unstable furniture, defective car seats, and products that result in child suffocation.

Motor Vehicle Accidents

Children may be involved in a collision with a motor vehicle while walking or riding a bicycle. The likelihood of serious injury or death is increased under these circumstances.  Proving that a driver was negligent may be challenging and require investigation; therefore, a consultation with a lawyer is critical.

What is the Statute of Limitations in Child Injury Cases?

Depending on the circumstances, the standard laws regarding the statute of limitations are different for cases involving minors. The time limit for bringing an action may not begin until the child reaches 18 years of age. A Fort Carson lawyer could review a child injury case and determine what statute of limitation applies to a specific situation.

What are the Types of Recoverable Damages?

In Fort Carson child injury cases, an attorney must prove that the defendant(s) is negligent and that this negligence caused the injury. If a claimant and their lawyer can establish these facts, they may recover damages for various forms of compensation. These may include:

  • Economic damages such as medical care costs, loss of income, property damage, and others.
  • Noneconomic damages, including pain, distress, or disfigurement. These are damages that are intangible and may be more challenging to quantify.
  • Punitive damages punish a defendant when their actions were purposeful or particularly malicious.

Retain a Fort Carson Child Injury Attorney

Despite the efforts of their parents, children do occasionally get hurt. However, someone of these incidents are the result of someone’s negligence. In these situations, parents should take legal action. Yet, proving that a party was negligent can be a challenging and complicated process.

Fortunately, an experienced Fort Carson child injury lawyer could carefully review the evidence and circumstances of your case. You deserve to have representation that aggressively pursues the financial compensation that you and your family need.