Fort Carson Rollover Accident Lawyer

Rollover accidents can be some of the most dangerous crashes that occur on the road. Because these accidents may cause significant personal and property damage, you should contact an experienced car wreck attorney if you are involved in a crash like this. If someone else’s negligence or a defective product causes you to lose control of your vehicle, which rolls and injures you, a Fort Carson rollover accident lawyer could help you seek the financial compensation you need to facilitate your recovery.

What Causes Rollover Accidents?

Rollover accidents occur when an event stops the forward motion of a vehicle and causes it to upend and roll forward or sideways. Rollovers may result from reckless drivers who crash into other motorists, but sometimes they involve only one vehicle that “trips”. “Tripping” occurs when a vehicle’s tire hits something while still in motion. For instance, a vehicle may “trip” when it suddenly moves from a harder surface into soft soil.

SUVs are notorious for rollover accidents because, like minivans, their center of gravity is higher than in standard automobiles, making them more likely to flip over. If the vehicle’s design is defective, an injured party may have a claim under product liability. If another driver negligently forces a motorist off the road, causing a rollover accident, the injured motorist may be able to seek compensation through civil litigation. A local attorney could review the circumstances that caused the rollover accident and pursue appropriate legal action.

Steps to Prevent a Car from Rolling Over

There are various steps that an individual could take to prevent their car from rolling over. Some of these actions may include:

  • Being mindful of road and weather conditions and abiding by speed limits when going around corners
  • Adequately tying down items that are being transported on top of a motor vehicle
  • Turning the steering while toward the direction the car is tilting if it begins to roll over

Some accidents are unavoidable. If a vehicle begins to roll over, there are few things that occupants should. Some of these steps include:

  • Occupants should cross their arms in front of them and grasp the opposite shoulders as support for the head and neck. Remain in this position until the vehicle stops rolling
  • Airbags may deploy and shattered glass and crunching metal may endanger motorists who try to brace against the steering wheel or floor; it is safer not to brace
  • Turning off the vehicle’s engine once the rolling stops.
  • Occupants should carefully plant hands or feet on the vehicle’s ceiling and unbuckle the seatbelt
  • Exiting through a broken window or the car door if possible

After a car has flipped over, individuals should call 911 and take pictures as evidence if they are able to do so. A Fort Carson attorney could use these photos from a rollover accident when filing a case based on negligence or product liability.

Although the Colorado State Police or city police may respond to a rollover accident in cities and on highways around Fort Carson, if the accident occurs on the Post, The Traffic Management and Collision Investigation Section of the Fort Carson Police/Provost Marshal Division handles the situation. The Traffic Section can be reached at any hour. Investigations may include accidents involving government and civilian vehicles.

Speak with a Fort Carson Rollover Accident Attorney

Rollover accidents often cause devastating injuries that require significant medical treatment. As a result, you should contact a Fort Carson rollover accident lawyer who could help you seek damages if you were involved in one of these crashes. To schedule your initial case consultation, call today.