Fort Carson Bus Accident Lawyer

Buses are a standard mode of transportation for public transit, schools, inter-city travel, and more. The total number of bus accidents is comparatively low; however, a major bus accident may jeopardize many lives. People that suffer injuries in a bus-related accident may be eligible for significant compensation.

Therefore, if you were involved in this type of motor vehicle crash, you should consult with a Fort Carson bus accident lawyer. Our team of personal injury attorneys could guide you through your legal options and handle any complications that may impact your potential compensatory award.

Common Causes of Bus Accidents in Fort Carson

Buses often travel in busy urban areas with significant traffic, which can increase the likelihood of accidents. A variety of other potential factors also may cause accidents that involve buses. A lawyer in Fort Carson that is familiar with bus accident cases could develop a plan of action based on the cause of the incident in question. Some of other potential causes of these crashes may include:

  • A bus driver using their phone while behind the wheel
  • A bus driver operating their vehicle under the influence of alcohol or drugs
  • The vehicle was not properly serviced or maintained
  • A defective part or some system failure occurred
  • The result of a negligent action committed by another motorist
  • Problems associated with passengers when boarding or exiting the bus

Claims Against Public Transit

One unique challenge in cases involving bus accidents is that they may involve pursuing compensation from a government entity. Agencies of the government receive protection from civil lawsuits based on sovereign immunity. In Colorado, these cases are subject to the Governmental Immunity Act.

While state law requires that a risk management fund be maintained to pay claims for liability, an individual’s civil lawsuit may still be contested or denied. Those pursuing a claim against a government agency following a bus accident should consult with a seasoned Fort Carson lawyer before taking any action.

Types of Recoverable Damages in Fort Carson

Following a serious bus crash, an individual may be eligible to recover various forms of compensation. The first type is economic damages, which may cover past or future medical care as well as any hospital bills. Those who are unable to work due to their injuries also may receive economic damages for lost wages and reduced earning capacity. Noneconomic damages do not carry a quantifiable amount and therefore may include compensation for pain and suffering as well as mental anguish.

In certain cases, injured claimants may be able to request punitive damages as well. This form of compensation is meant to punish a defendant and only applies in situations where the at-fault party acted with malice or intent. For instance, a bus driver who was drunk while behind the wheel may have to pay punitive damages to any injured parties. Awards for punitive damages generally cannot exceed the number of compensatory damages recovered in a case. A Fort Carson attorney could assess an individual’s bus accident case and determine what forms of compensation they may be able to pursue.

Contact an Experienced Fort Carson Bus Accident Attorney

Accidents that involve a bus can have particularly devastating results for passengers, other vehicles, and pedestrians. If you or a loved one were in a collision involving a bus, you should speak with a Fort Carson bus accident lawyer. One of our team members could help you build your case so you can focus on your physical recovery. For more information, call today.