Pueblo Truck Accident Lawyer

All motorists, including truck drivers, owe a legal duty of care to operate their vehicles safely. When a trucker fails to meet this standard, the results can be devastating. Due to their larger weight and size, collisions between passenger vehicles and semi-trucks can lead to severe injuries and damages.

If you or somebody you love suffered injuries in a semi-truck wreck, you should contact a Pueblo truck accident lawyer to determine your legal options. A seasoned personal injury attorney understands the difficulties posed to an injured party and could do their best to help you get your life back on track.

Potentially Liable Parties

Semi-trucks that are carrying various goods could implicate parties at different levels of the supply and distribution chains. Therefore, unlike a car wrecks with another civilian driver, truck accidents may involve multiple defendants.

The driver may be poorly trained, overworked, distracted, driving recklessly, or even intoxicated. Truck drivers are notorious for driving long shifts to meet deadlines. This means that both the truck driver and their employer could both be held liable in an accident claim.

Additionally, the loading company may have packed the truck poorly, resulting in improper weight distribution. This imbalance could affect the truck’s center of gravity and the ability to break. Improperly loaded trucks can be especially treacherous on winding mountainous roads. In this situation, an injured party could bring a claim against the loading company.

The company responsible for truck maintenance also may be at fault if a vehicle is mechanically unsound. Similarly, if truck part manufacturer fails to meet certain standards or provides a defective component, it could be liable if the courts this is the cause of a collision. An experienced Pueblo truck wreck attorney could determine which entities may need to be held responsible in an accident claim.

Recoverable Damages

Truck accidents can leave individuals with substantial medical bills. As a result, an injured party may be able to pursue compensation for past and future medical care and long-term treatment. In the case of severe injuries like paralysis or other chronic injuries, an individual may need to modify their homes or move to care facilities. In these situations, a claimant may be able to seek damages for these losses as well.

State law allows victims to recover damages for their emotional losses in addition to their economic damages. Noneconomic damages may include pain and suffering, inconvenience, emotional stress, and decreased quality of life.

However, it is important to note that there may certain limitations to the amount of damages a claimant may be able to recover. A Pueblo attorney with experience litigating truck accident cases could evaluate what a claim may be worth based on the claimant’s losses.

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Finding your footing after an accident can be difficult. Fortunately, a Pueblo truck accident lawyer could help prepare your case and fight for your rights in a court of law.

A consultation is the first step toward understanding the value of your claim and whether you may be able to seek monetary recovery. Call one of our dedicated attorneys today to get started on your case.