What kind of claims do I have if I was hit by a car while riding a bicycle?

What Kind Of Claims Do I Have If I Was Hit By A Car While Riding A Bicycle

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What kind of claims do I have if I was hit by a car while riding a bicycle in Colorado Springs, Colorado? Hi, I’m Jake Kimball at Springs Law Group, and I want to talk to you about the kinds of claims that you would have if you were hit by a car while riding a bicycle. Now, the process is going to be pretty much the same as if you were in a car versus car accident.

First of all, the primary liability. So, the person who’s at fault will need to pay out of their auto insurance policy. And then if there are still damages leftover, if you’ve hit that cap, then you’re underinsured motorist coverage will probably apply to this as well. That’s something you’d want to go over with your attorney. But an accident involving a motor vehicle should be covered under your underinsured motorist policy. So, there would be two policies there.

The types of damages are going to be pretty much the same as a normal auto versus auto accident.

The plaintiff receives compensatory damages to aid in their recovery from the accident. Compensatory damages are intended to make up for whatever losses the victim sustained as a result of the accident.

Both economic and non-economic losses are covered under compensatory damages.

Economic losses include, for example:

Here are a few instances of non-economic harms:

In personal injury lawsuits, compensatory damages are most frequently awarded to plaintiffs. Depending on the details of your case, you may earn a certain sum in compensatory damages. If your damages are significant and demand pricey medical care, for instance, you could receive a higher award.

Don’t forget punitive damages!

Punitive damages are used to penalize the defendant. You are more likely to win punitive damages in addition to compensatory damages if the at-fault party in your personal injury lawsuit acted with willful misconduct or gross carelessness.

Based on the defendants’ conduct, the court determines whether or not punitive damages should be awarded. The intention is to hold the guilty individual accountable and deter future reckless behavior or criminal activity. This may discourage others from doing similar actions.

You’re going to have medical expenses. First, if you have a permanent injury, they’re going to have damages associated with that lost wages, past present, future lost wages, same with medical bills. So past, present, future medical bills, those are all going to be covered under this type of accident.

On your journey to recovery, Springs Law Group is here to support you. We acknowledge that sometimes monetary compensation cannot replace what you lost as a result of an accident, but you still deserve financial recompense for your losses. To make sure you receive just compensation that is equal to your compensatory and punitive damages, we will fight by your side. To arrange a free consultation and go through your legal options, get in touch with a Colorado Springs personal injury attorney at Springs Law Group.

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