Broken Bones in Colorado Springs Auto Accident: Can I Get my Medical Bills Paid?

Broken Bones In Colorado Springs Auto Accident Can I Get My Medical Bills Paid

Broken bones are some of the most painful injuries that a victim of a Colorado Springs auto accident may sustain. This is particularly true when large bones like a femur or humerus are broken, when fractures occur in joints such as the wrist, knee, or ankle, or when broken bones are in sensitive areas like the face. While a broken bone is most likely in a high-speed collision such as a wreck on an interstate, people in low-speed collisions can still sustain broken bones. This is particularly true in crashes with large commercial trucks or municipal vehicles, which generate a lot of force.Some frequently fractures bones in auto accidents include the following:

  • Wrist fractures (the radius and ulna);
  • Broken ankle (fibula/tibia fracture, bimalleolar fracture, trimalleolar fracture);
  • Humerus fractures (upper arm);
  • Femur fracture (upper leg);
  • Broken shoulder;
  • Orbital fractures (facial fractures around the eye socket);
  • Jaw fractures;
  • Spinal cord fractures (particularly compression fractures);
  • Hip and pelvis fractures; and
  • Hands or feet fractures, including the metacarpals or metatarsals.

In some serious auto accidents, victims may be required to undergo procedures to repair the damage done to the bone. These surgeries could be a closed-reduction or an open-reduction. A closed reduction is without surgery, but can be a painful manipulation of the extremity to re-align the bones. An open reduction is surgery, wherein the area is opened up and the bones are physically moved and usually fastened with hardware like pins, screws, rods, plates, and other instruments.

Right to Compensation for Auto Accident Victims

Broken bones are not only some of the most painful type of injuries, but also some of the most costly and expensive. If you suffered a broken bone as described above, whether or not you underwent surgery, you may have a claim against the party or parties that harmed you. Under Colorado law, victims of personal injury accidents may be entitled to recover compensation for their injuries from liable parties. Compensation is a form of “damages,” or the relief that a person may obtain in a legal action. This includes monetary damages.

While the most common type of damages in a personal injury accident is for pain and suffering, which includes the agony caused by the injury, in broken bone auto accidents the medical bills may be very large. This is particularly true if a victim requires surgery to repair the broken bone and to install hardware. Sometimes after the bone has healed the hardware must be removed, which requires an additional and very painful surgery. Other times, the hardware may fail and require a second surgery to repair.

It is also common for victims to require physical therapy or occupational therapy after a personal injury accident. Where victims have leg injuries, medical equipment like wheelchairs, crutches, or even lifts may be required to assist the victim while healing is taking place, all of which can be quite expensive.

All of these surgeries, treatments, and devices cost money—a lot of money. When you are injured and out of work, these accumulating bills may feel insurmountable. Quality healthcare is not cheap, and health insurance seems to cover less and less. For these reasons, it is common for victims in Colorado Springs auto accident cases to have high medical bills. Because Colorado law allows you to recover compensation for injuries causally related to the auto accident, these medical bills can be paid for by the liable party.

Were You in a Colorado Springs Auto Accident? Do You Have a Broken Bones? High Medical Bills? Call Springs Law Group to Learn How We Can Protect Your Rights

Even though the quickly growing medical bills may feel insurmountable, they are not when you choose the right law firm for your case. Here at Springs Law Group, we represent victims in catastrophic personal injury accidents including Colorado Springs auto accidents who have been left with high and debilitating medical bills. We will lift the burden off your shoulders so you can focus on healing, and we will go after the liable party or parties to get you the compensation you deserve.