Traffic Laws for Bicyclists in Pueblo

Bicyclists in Pueblo have a duty to obey all traffic laws as if they were operating a motor vehicle. Therefore, the traffic laws that are for motorists apply the same to bicyclists. It is important for bicycle riders to follow traffic laws for their safety and the safety of others, which includes pedestrians, other cyclists, and drivers of motor vehicles. If everyone is following the traffic laws, this can help prevent accidents, injuries, and property damage.

What Do Bike Lanes Look Like?

Some roadways do have specially marked bike lanes. These bike lanes are defined as a portion of the roadway designated by striping, signing, and pavement markings for preferential or exclusive use by bicyclists. Buffered bike lanes have a designated space to separate the bicycle lane from the adjacent motor vehicle and/or parking lane.

Specific Traffic Laws for Cyclists in Pueblo

In Pueblo, there are some laws that are specific to bicyclists. Colorado Revised Statute §42-4-1412 lays out the rules of the road for cyclists. One of these rules is that a cyclist is required to signal before turning or stopping at 100 feet in advance. If riding below the posted speed limit, a cyclist must ride as close as practicable to the right-hand curve or the edge of the road. Bicycles can also ride on a paved right shoulder when it is available. Additionally, bicyclists are permitted to bike on pedestrian walkways. However, CRS §42-4-1412 (10)(a) states a person riding a bicycle or electrical-assisted bike along a sidewalk, pathway, or crosswalk should yield the right of way to any pedestrian and give an audible signal before passing this individual.

A person riding a bicycle should always ride in the right-hand lane and keep at least one hand on the handlebars. Some bike laws apply to motorists as well. In fact, cars must give three feet of space when passing a bicycle.

How Can Breaking Bike Laws Impact a Case?

Adherence to traffic laws can have an impact on an injury case because if a person is found to not have followed the law, it can impact their liability, responsibility, and the cause of the accident. When the injured party is partially liable for their injuries, it can become more difficult to settle a case and it can weaken a claim in front of a jury.

When a party is found to be at a percentage liable or at fault in a case, it can reduce their cause of action and their potential for settlement. For example, if a claimant was ten percent at fault and the other party was 90 percent at fault, then the court could reduce the claimant’s compensatory award or settlement by ten percent.

Contact a Pueblo Attorney to Learn More About Traffic Laws for Cyclists

All bikers should follow the traffic law for bicyclists in Pueblo as they can prevent serious accidents and impact liability in an injury claim. If you need help understanding these regulations, do not hesitate to reach out to our firm. For more information, call today.