Castle Rock Rollover Accident Lawyer

A rollover accident can be described as when a vehicle rolls over while swerving to avoid something on the road like an animal, road debris, a pothole, or another vehicle. In many cases, after the swerve, the driver may try to correct the vehicle and it rolls over. Some common causes of these crashes are falling asleep at the wheel, distracted driving, drugs or alcohol use, tire problems such as bald tires, and driving at dangerously high speeds. These accidents also can be the result of the type of vehicle that someone is driving.

If you were recently involved in a crash of this nature that was the result of a negligent driver, speak with a Castle Rock rollover accident lawyer. Our dedicated attorneys could work hard to review your case and determine what your legal options are.

What Makes Rollover Accidents  Different from Other Motor Vehicle Crashes?

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), rollovers, more so than other types of crashes, reflect the interaction of the driver, road, vehicle, and environmental factors. So, while vehicle type does play a significant role, other factors such as driver behavior and the driving conditions do as well. Additionally, rollovers have a higher fatality rate than other kinds of car crashes. Compared to other accidents, 85% of rollover related fatalities are the result of a single vehicle crash. Because rollover accidents can be so devastating, it is important to have a Castle Rock attorney by your side who could help you seek the compensation you need.

Tips to Preventing a Car from Rolling Over

One of the best ways for a driver to protect themselves from suffering serious injuries in a rollover car accident is by wearing a seatbelt. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration stated in 2010, more than 7,600 people died in rollover crashes, and the majority of them were not wearing seatbelts. It is also important for drivers to make sure that their car is properly maintained with routine care and checkups. Blown tires and engine issues are common causes of these accidents. Lastly, drivers should always follow the speed limits because the weather can also spike up with high winds, which can be an unexpected issue that causes a car to roll over.

What to Do Following a Rollover

After a rollover accident, a driver should immediately call the police so that they can come out and make a third-party documentation. That documentation is paramount in detailing the accident. For the person involved in the crash, they should take photos, talk to and get any witness information as they can, and exchange insurance information with the other parties involved in the accident We also recommend taking note of the road conditions and weather at the time of the accident. Another important step following a rollover accident is contacting a skilled and experienced lawyer in Castle Rock.

Speak with a Castle Rock Rollover Accident Attorney

From the initial consultation to the end of the rollover accident case, an injury attorney’s goal should be to help the client get compensation for their injuries from the accident.

Our Castle Rock rollover accident lawyers could investigate the facts of the case by reviewing insurance documents, police reports, witness statements and medical records. In some cases, we go to the scene of the crash to conduct an accident reconstruction as well. If you need legal help after your devastating collision, call our office today.