Pueblo Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

While there may be some elevated risks associated with riding a motorcycle, when the negligence or recklessness of motorist causes a biker to sustain injuries in an accident, they should be held accountable for the harm they caused.

An experienced Pueblo motorcycle accident lawyer understands the unique factors that may come into play in these types of collision cases and could explain how they may impact the outcome of your claim. Additionally, by working with a personal injury attorney, you obtain a legal advocate who could help you pursue fair compensation for your losses.

State Motorcycle Laws and Comparative Negligence

Because motorcycle riders can be more vulnerable to severe injuries following an accident, bikers are required to comply with all traffic laws in addition to specific motorcyclist regulations. For instance, the law permits two motorcycles to share a lane; however, lane splitting other motor vehicles may not do so.

If a judge finds a motorcyclist to be partially responsible for their accident because they were not following specified traffic laws, this may impact the outcome of their case. For example, although adult bikers are not required to wear a helmet, yet they suffered head trauma in an accident with another motorist, the court may reduce their compensatory award. A Pueblo motorcycle accident attorney could explain the impact that certain state motorbike laws may have on a particular case.

What is the Duty of Care in Motorcycle Wreck Cases?

All motorists owe a duty of care to drive responsibly and to follow all traffic laws. When a driver fails to meet this legal obligation, they could be liable for any accident that results. In motorcycle accident cases, it is often a driver’s inattentiveness that leads to a collision. This is mostly because motorcycles may be harder to see on the road when they are changing lanes or traveling in a vehicle’s blind spot.

However, drivers still owe a duty of care to be mindful of these motorcyclists when they are passing. A motorbike accident lawyer in Pueblo could help a plaintiff prove that the defendant did not act within their duty of care and as a result, caused them harm.

Recoverable Damages

Compensation provided by the responsible party could make up for a variety of losses after a motorcycle accident. An injured claimant may be entitled to damages for both economic and emotional losses. An injured motorcyclist could receive compensation for lost wages, reduced future earnings, damage to their vehicle, medical expenses, and future treatment costs.

Additionally, a Pueblo lawyer who is familiar with motorcycle accident cases could use their experience to value a claim and determine if a plaintiff may be eligible to receive damages or noneconomic losses, such as pain and suffering and emotional distress.

How Could a Hit and Run Impact a Motorcycle Accident Claim in Pueblo?

When a hit-and-run driver hits a motorcyclist, law enforcement may not be able to identify the at-fault driver. This means the injured person is financially responsible for all of their medical expenses. If a motorcyclist has uninsured motorist coverage, their insurance company may cover the medical expenses. Medical payments coverage is another way one can provide insurance for themselves in the event that a hit-and-run driver hits them.

Speak with a Dedicated Pueblo Motorcycle Accident Attorney

If you sustained injuries in a motorcycle crash, you may have legal options. A Pueblo motorcycle accident lawyer could help you collect evidence to establish liability and guide you throughout the entirety of your lawsuit. For a consultation on your case, call today.