Pueblo Rollover Car Accident Lawyer

When traveling at high speeds in a motor vehicle, any unexpected change in direction or speed can lead to a catastrophic outcome. Especially when driving larger vehicles like SUVs, a forceful impact or prolonged skid may cause your car to flip onto its roof or start rolling, usually resulting in a totaled vehicle and extensive injuries.

The aftermath of a rollover crash may involve conversations with law enforcement, insurance representatives, and medical professionals. However, you should strongly consider contacting a car accident attorney as well. A Pueblo rollover car accident lawyer could use their experience to seek compensation on your behalf as well as guide you through the claims process.

Negligence-Based Rollover Accidents

Generally, there are two ways in which a rollover crash occurs: a vehicle’s wheels “trip” over something like a raised curb or a sudden swerve or spinout generates enough force to flip over a vehicle on its own. The latter type of incident more often affects cars with a high center of gravity like pickup trucks and SUVs, but either situation can stem from the negligent actions of another driver. Something as simple as a sudden lane change or as dangerous as a direct side impact can cause a motorist’s vehicle to flip over.

If someone in Pueblo suffers injuries in a rollover car accident, they may need to hire an attorney who could help them prove legal negligence. In Colorado, a finding of legal negligence requires all the following criteria to be true:

  • The defendant owed an implicit or explicit responsibility to the plaintiff to act reasonably, also known as a duty of care
  • The defendant failed to uphold their responsibility and instead acted recklessly or carelessly
  • As a direct result of the defendant’s breach of duty, an accident occurred
  • The injuries over which the plaintiff is filing suit stemmed directly from the accident

What Could Limit Recovery for an Accident Case in Pueblo?

There are several elements of civil law that, if not accounted for, may negatively impact a plaintiff’s ability to recover compensation. One of the most crucial of these is the concept of comparative negligence outlined in Colorado Revised Statute §13-21-111.

Under this statute, a plaintiff found partially to blame for causing their own damages may have their total damage award reduced by their percentage of fault. Additionally, any plaintiff found 50 percent or more at fault is ineligible to seek any compensation, even if the defendant also was partially negligent.

Plaintiffs also should be aware of the statute of limitations. C.R.S. §13-80-101 establishes a time limit of three years for filing civil cases for car accidents. This statute of limitations means that if a prospective plaintiff fails to file suit within three years of when a rollover accident occurred, the court may bar their case, and they may be unable to recover anything. By working with a skilled lawyer in Pueblo, a claimant could receive help on these obstacles as well as others throughout their rollover car wreck case.

What a Pueblo Rollover Car Accident Attorney Could Do to Help

Whether it involves a car knocked onto its side, flipping on its roof, or rolling over multiple times, any rollover accident can lead to severe injuries and crippling financial and personal losses. To recover fully after such an incident, filing suit against the party responsible may be necessary.

A Pueblo rollover car accident lawyer could offer guidance and support through every step of your civil case, from initial evidence gathering and documentation of damages to the pursuit of compensation both in and out of court. To learn more about what a skilled attorney could do for you, call today.