Pueblo Distracted Driving Car Accident Lawyer

It is not unusual for motorists to become comfortable behind the wheel over time. However, problems can arise when a driver is too comfortable, and they become prone to distraction.

When drivers send text messages, stream videos, or adjust their stereo, they divert their attention from the road. This is dangerous, as every second that a driver is distracted is a second where an accident could occur.

If a distracted motorist is responsible for your injuries, you may be entitled to seek compensation. A Pueblo distracted driving car accident lawyer could evaluate your case and determine if your claim is worth pursuing. Pursuing this claim successfully can be difficult without the help of a skilled car wreck attorney.

The Risks of Distracted Driving in Pueblo

The dangers of driving while distracted cannot be overstated. Accidents caused by motorists who are not paying attention can result in debilitating and fatal injuries. Any distraction – however minor – has the potential to cause an accident. Some common distractions may include:

  • Texting
  • Streaming videos
  • Talking on the phone
  • Speaking with a passenger
  • Adjusting a GPS device
  • Eating
  • Grooming or putting on makeup

These distractions could cause a driver to inadvertently cross the centerline or veer off of the roadway entirely. If a car, truck, or pedestrian enters their path, a distracted motorist may be unable to avoid a collision. A motorist injured in a distracted driving car accident could work with an attorney in Pueblo to seek monetary compensation from the negligent party.

Assigning Fault to a Distracted Motorist

In some accidents, a distracted driver is only partially responsible. State law addresses this situation by establishing that a plaintiff may not seek compensation if they were 50 percent or more responsible for their accident.

This means that if the injured party is 49 percent or less responsible for their accident, they could still recover some of their damages reduced by their percentage of fault. Comparative negligence may apply to a case when more than one party was distracted or breaching their duty of care in some other way. A Pueblo lawyer could help an injured driver demonstrate to the jury that the distracted driver was primarily to blame for their car wreck.

Damages in a Distracted Driver Accident Case

The damage award in a successful distracted driving lawsuit breaks down into two categories: economic and noneconomic damages. Economic damages are the measurable losses resulting from a crash. These damages may include the cost to replace or repair a vehicle, or any expense related to medical procedures or rehabilitation. This form of damages is distinguishable, as documentary evidence is typically available to establish their value.

Noneconomic damages can be more difficult to measure. This form of compensation should make up for the subjective losses a distracted driving accident caused. Some examples include mental anguish, loss of consortium, and pain and suffering.

Speak with a Pueblo Distracted Driving Car Accident Attorney

If you or a loved one have sustained bodily injuries due to a motorist who was not paying attention, you may be entitled to financial recovery. An attorney could advise you on whether your claim is likely to succeed and what it might be worth.

Do not leave your injury claim to chance. By selecting the right legal counsel, you could improve your chances of success. Contact a Pueblo distracted driving car accident lawyer as soon as possible to get started with your case.