Monument Truck Accident Lawyer

A truck accident can be a sizeable matter, often resulting in significant injuries and on-going effects. Because of the substantial effects that these accidents can have on an individual’s life, if you suffered injuries from a collision with a truck accident, you should contact a personal injury attorney as soon as possible. A Monument truck accident lawyer could handle claims and negotiations with the insurance companies and determine who may be liable to pay damages.

Potential Liable Parties

The truck driver, their employer, the manufacturer, and the cargo company can all be potential parties in a trucking accident claim. The cargo company can be liable if they improperly loaded the truck, causing the driver to carry the load in a dangerous manner that may result in an accident.

The truck driver or their employer can be held responsible if the truck was driving in a negligent manner, such violating a traffic law or a trucking regulation. Due to the larger size of the trucks they drive and the generally long hours they travel, truck drivers are subject to certain rules and regulations. Logging their hours on the road, not using cell phones while driving, and using specific signals, are several of the rules that may apply to truckers, specifically.

Through the principle of vicarious liability, a truck company is responsible for its employees’ actions while they are acting within the scope of their job. Therefore, if a truck driver was operating their vehicle in a reckless manner, the trucking company could also be held accountable.

Because multiple people and companies may be involved in a truck accident, multiple insurance companies may be involved as well. A Monument lawyer who handles a truck accident case could be able to identify the liable parties and negotiate with the appropriate insurance companies.

Recoverable Damages in Truck Wreck Cases

An individual in a trucking accident may be eligible to recover compensation for their economic and noneconomic damages. Economic damages may include medical and therapy costs, as well as lost wages.

On the other hand, emotional losses may involve the injured claimant’s pain and suffering and loss of enjoyment of life. A Monument truck wreck attorney could evaluate a claimant’s damages, as well as procure the documents and expert witnesses necessary to help prove both types of losses.

Statute of Limitations

A person injured in a truck wreck has three years in which to file a lawsuit, according to Colorado Revised Statutes §13-80-101. However, there are exceptions to this deadline. For instance, the statute of limitations decreases to two years if an individual dies as a result of the collision.

If a potential claimant does not meet this statutory deadline, they may lose their opportunity to pursue recovery. A Monument lawyer could work to ensure that an injured party files their truck accident claim before the statute of limitations.

Contact a Monument Truck Accident Attorney

Physical injuries and emotional suffering can linger after a truck crash, and the costs and losses associated with these accidents may continue to mount. Fortunately, a Monument truck accident lawyer could help you through this difficult and stressful time in your life. For help seeking monetary relief, call today.