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While some accidents are unavoidable, others may result from the negligence of another person. A seasoned legal advocate could help you pursue monetary compensation for your injuries if you were in an accident caused by the careless or reckless actions of another person. By taking legal action against the negligent party, you can hold them accountable. To get your questions answered, you can contact a diligent and experienced Monument personal injury lawyer today for help with your case.

Common Types of Civil Lawsuits

When initially reviewing a case, a Monument personal injury attorney could identify the potential cause of a claimant’s losses. For a claim to be viable, an injured party must be able to prove that the cause of their losses was the result of another person’s negligence. Some common accidents that may result in a viable personal injury lawsuit include:

  • Motor vehicle collisions
  • Workplace accidents
  • Sport and recreational injuries
  • Violent crimes
  • Faulty items
  • Tripping accidents
  • Hazardous property conditions

Some personal injury cases may involve multiple defendants, and proving causation can be challenging without qualified legal consultation. Regardless of the cause of your accident, a steadfast attorney could gather all of the necessary documentation and evidence to prove your entitlement to compensation and the opposing party’s reckless misconduct.

Recoverable Damages

Identifying the damages that could be available to the injured party is one of the initial steps a Monument civil claims lawyer may take when reviewing a case. While no two injury claims are identical, an attorney may use the outcome of similar cases to determine the value of someone’s claim.

Monetary compensation may include damages for both economic and emotional losses. Economic damages cover losses such as lost wages from time off work or medical bills.

These medical costs may include a variety of treatments, including emergency room visits, medication, physical rehabilitation, or occupational therapy. Because their value is measurable, a claimant may establish these damages at trial using bills or invoices. Additionally, if a claimant sustained any kind of property damage they could demand compensation for any repair or replacement costs.

Non-economic damages can be more complex to measure because they do not have a quantifiable value. These damages cover losses such as pain and suffering or disfigurement. A skilled personal injury lawyer in Monument must rely on the testimony of the plaintiff and the outcome of similar cases to demonstrate how much a claim is worth in terms of their emotional damages.

Speak with a Monument Personal Injury Attorney Today

If you suffered a bodily injury or property damage through no fault of your own, you may have the right to pursue compensation. However, recovering a compensatory award requires filing a civil lawsuit, which can be difficult without a well-versed legal professional.

Fortunately, a Monument personal injury lawyer could assist you with the litigation process. A knowledgeable and dedicated attorney could help you prove the defendant’s negligence and evaluate your losses to determine the value of your claim. To get started on your claim, schedule an initial case consultation.

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Springs Law Group is an amazing group to work with! I got into a rough accident, and they never ceased to let me know they were there working hard to help me in my hour of need. It was always very easy to reach out to someone if I had any questions, and they were always happy to answer any questions I had.

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Springs Law Group is an amazing group to work with! I got into a rough accident, and they never ceased to let me know they were there working hard to help me in my hour of need. It was always very easy to reach out to someone if I had any questions, and they were always happy to answer any questions I had.

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