Monument Front-End Car Accident Lawyer

When someone gets involved in a head-on motor vehicle collision, they may suffer grave and even debilitating injuries. Sometimes, the injuries sustained in a front-end crash can be so serious that they cost someone their life.

If you were hurt in a head-on collision, or tragically lost a family member in this type of crash, a compassionate Monument front-end car accident lawyer could provide legal counsel throughout the claims process. Additionally, a dedicated car wreck attorney could assess the details of your accident to identify all parties who may be liable for your damages.

What Kinds of Injuries Occur in Front-End Car Crashes?

The injuries inflicted in a front-end car crash can be catastrophic and may require extensive medical care. Injuries commonly associated with head-on collisions may include back, neck, and shoulder injuries, as well as whiplash, organ damage, or internal bleeding.

Because of the point of impact, the driver along with any passenger in the front seat, may endure the most severe bodily harm. A car wreck lawyer from Monument could help someone file a front-end accident claim for any of these injuries.

Causes of Head-On Collisions in Monument

Front-end crashes may occur due to a range of contributing factors, with failure to yield or to obey traffic signs being two of the most common reasons. In general, one vehicle may collide head-on with another when one motorist recklessly crosses over the center line into oncoming traffic or drives the wrong direction down a one-way street. Some situations that may cause a driver to do this include:

  • Texting and other distracted driving behaviors
  • Driving while impaired by drugs
  • Drunk driving
  • Speeding

When someone suffers injuries in a front-end car crash, a Monument attorney could determine its cause and hold all negligent parties legally responsible.

Determining Who is At-Fault in a Front-End Accident

Under Colorado Revised Statute §13-21-111, the plaintiff may be partially to blame for their injuries and still collect damages. Under modified comparative negligence, the plaintiff’s damages would be reduced according to their percentage of fault, provided their degree of negligence does not exceed 49 percent.

The law further states that if the plaintiff is 50 percent or more negligent for the underlying accident, they would be ineligible to collect monetary compensation. A knowledgeable lawyer in Monument could fully investigate the negligence of all parties in the front-end car accident and seek to diminish any accusations of blame directed at the plaintiff.

Speak with a Monument Front-End Car Accident Attorney

The aftermath of a serious motor vehicle accident can be extremely overwhelming and confusing. If you were involved in a crash with another motorist, a Monument front-end car accident lawyer could explain your legal options and reduce the stress you may be feeling.

Additionally, with the assistance of a skilled attorney, you could recover monetary compensation for all of your losses. Speak with one of our team members today to schedule your initial consultation and discuss what may be possible for your case.