Monument Car Accidents Caused by Texting and Driving

Despite the fact that Colorado motorists are banned by law from texting while driving, they continue to use their phones while behind the wheel, potentially placing other drivers at risk of harm. If you were involved in Monument car accident caused by texting and driving, you should speak with a lawyer who could help you hold this negligent motorist legally accountable.

A car wreck attorney could review the accident report and other pertinent evidence to build a strong case for damages on your behalf. Additionally, a car wreck attorney could help you better understand your rights under the law and explain what compensation you may be eligible to receive.

Texting While Driving Laws in Monument

Except in emergencies, texting or sending other forms of communication while drivers are behind the wheel is strictly forbidden in the state of Colorado. A citation for texting and driving is typically classified as a Class 2 misdemeanor, with a standard fine amount of $300.

However, if the alleged offender’s distracted driving inflicts injuries or fatal harm to another individual, the crime would be elevated to a Class 1 misdemeanor. These offenses are subject to enhanced penalties, including a maximum fine amount of $1,000 and up to 12 months in prison.

It is worth noting, however, that for law enforcement to issue a driver a citation for texting while behind the wheel, the motorist must have been operating the vehicle negligently or recklessly. If law enforcement issued the at-fault driver a ticket, an attorney in Monument car wreck case could use this as proof of liability.

What Types of Injuries May a Texting Motorist Cause?

When a motorist takes their eyes away from the road to look at their mobile device, a few seconds of distraction could result in a serious crash. Depending on the point of impact, those involved may suffer serious and even permanent physical harm, along with property damage.

Texting while driving accident injuries may include broken or fractured bones, concussions, whiplash, spinal cord damage, scarring, and disfigurement. Severe burns, damage to the neck or back injuries, and amputations also may occur because of a motorist who is texting and driving. In general, Monument car wrecks caused by motorists who are texting while driving may lead to serious and costly damages. Therefore, someone who is involved in such an accident should contact an attorney right away.

Statute of Limitations in Monument

Colorado Revised Statute §13-80-101 states that individuals who are involved in a car accident have three years to file a claim for damages. If someone injured in a crash caused by a texting motorist does not present their claim within three years of the auto accident, they may be unable to claim any damages. A lawyer could help a claimant meet the statute of limitations as well as other legal deadlines.

Contact a Monument Attorney to Learn More About Car Wrecks Caused by Texting While Driving

Getting skilled legal assistance in the aftermath of an accident could be vital to the outcome of your case. A lawyer from our firm could fight hard to get you the compensation to which you may be entitled. If you were in a Monument car accident caused by texting and driving, schedule your case consultation today.