Monument Bus Accident Lawyer

Bus accidents can result in significant injuries to everyone involved, including other drivers, pedestrians, and passengers. However, it is difficult to file a claim for damages for these accidents without a skilled personal injury attorney by your side. This is because there could be multiple liable parties and specific legal nuances to these cases. A Monument bus accident lawyer could guide you throughout this complex process if you recently sustained injuries in a collision.

Who May Be Liable in a Bus Crash?

Common carriers refer to people or companies that transport people or goods. Bussing companies and their drivers are common carriers who bear a responsibility to passengers and others on the road. If they do not uphold this legal obligation, and injuries occur as a result, either party could be liable. Bus accidents may occur due to a combination of factors. Some may include:

  • Reckless or distracted bus drivers
  • Improper bus maintenance
  • Intoxicated bus drivers
  • Inclement weather
  • Road maintenance problems

In some cases, the cause of the accident determines who may be liable for damages. In bus accidents, there may be more than one party responsible for a plaintiff’s injuries.

In addition to the bus driver and their employer, other potentially liable parties may include, the bus manufacturer, the owner, or other motorists. If the collision involved public transit, a government municipality or agency may be at fault. A seasoned bus accident attorney in Monument could assess an individual’s case and identify which parties could be liable for damages.

Legal Deadline to File a Claim

State law establishes deadlines for filing an injury-related court case. Colorado Revised Statute §13-80-101 places a three-year time limit on personal injury actions following motor vehicle accidents, including bus collisions.

If a plaintiff delays and does not file their lawsuit before the statutory deadline, the court may dismiss their case, which would bar the injured party from collecting any financial recovery. It is important to note that some exceptions may apply to the statutory deadline, especially if the defendant is a government agency. A Monument lawyer with experience litigating bus accident case could work to ensure that a claimant meets the statute of limitations.

Damage Caps

State law establishes a cap on noneconomic damages that an injured person could receive after a bus accident. Under C.R.S. §13-21-102.5, noneconomic damages in injury cases are capped at $250,000. However, a court may raise this cap to $500,000 if there is convincing and clear evidence that provides justification for this increase. A well-practiced attorney could build an argument that justifies additional compensation if a claimant’s case warrants it.

Consult with a Monument Bus Accident Attorney

If you suffered injuries or property damage following a wreck, get in touch with a Monument bus accident lawyer. Whether you were another motorist, passenger, or pedestrian, you could be entitled to financial compensation.

An attorney could work hard to establish the bus driver’s negligence, as well as the reckless misconduct of any other liable parties. To get legal help, set up a case consultation by calling today.