Fort Carson Rear-End Car Accident Lawyer

A rear-end collision happens when the front of one car collides into the back of another. These accidents can occur whether one vehicle is stopped at an intersection or both drivers are traveling in the same lane on the highway. In general, these accidents result from tailgating or a driver’s failure to pay attention to their surroundings.

When the driver of the front vehicle is injured as a result of the following motorist’s carelessness, a knowledgeable car crash attorney could help them recoup their accident-related damages. If you were recently involved in a tailgating collision, a Fort Carson rear-end car accident lawyer could assist you with bringing a civil suit against the at-fault drivers. If your lawsuit is successful, the compensatory award could offset the cost of your injuries and property damages.

Common Injuries in Tailgating Collisions

While the damages sustained in any auto collision could be severe, certain factors are common in rear-end collisions. Injuries resulting from rear-end auto accidents are often catastrophic, given the tremendous impact of a moving car coming to a sudden halt against another vehicle.

When a sudden impact causes the head to whip forward and snap back, it can cause soft tissue damage to the neck – also known as whiplash. Whiplash and other soft tissue neck injuries are commonly reported after rear-end collisions. The impact from a tailgating crash can cause the front driver’s head to accelerate forward then snap backwards after the seat belt catches.

Head injuries are also common. While seat belts are designed to prevent traumatic brain injuries, sudden impacts could cause the head to strike the steering wheel. This could lead to a concussion. Other commonly reported injuries include:

  • Broken bones
  • Spinal cord damage
  • Airbag burns
  • Lacerations
  • Paralysis

A Fort Carson rear-end car crash attorney could assist an injured motorist with seeking compensation after a collision with a negligent driver.

Legal Implications of a Rear-End Crash

Fort Carson courts typically presume liability of the following driver, as it is their responsibility to pay attention to the road. The presumption of liability is a major departure from standard injury cases. While this does not guarantee the injured party’s financial recovery, it can be a significant factor at trial.

It is the defendant’s responsibility to disprove their presumed liability – this is known as rebutting the presumption. The at-fault driver may allege that the injured claimant cut them off or lacked working brake lights. An attorney in Fort Carson who is familiar with litigating tailgating auto collision cases could present evidence which supports the presumption of the defendant driver’s negligence.

Speak with a Fort Carson Rear-End Car Accident Attorney Right Away

By moving forward quickly and retaining legal representation as soon after an accident as possible, you give a Fort Carson rear-end car accident lawyer the best opportunity to investigate your claim. Witnesses may become difficult to locate, and evidence may be lost or destroyed over time, so do not delay in hiring a well-versed attorney. To get started on your claim, reach out to one of our Fort Carson rear-end car accident lawyers right away.