Filing a Car Accident Case in Fort Carson

If you were recently involved in a car crash, you might be considering filing a claim for damages. However, filing a car accident case in Fort Carson can be complicated without legal assistance. If you are thinking about pursuing legal compensation, you should consult with a reputable car wreck attorney who could assess what legal grounds you may have to proceed with a claim. An attorney from our firm could thoroughly represent your interests during your claim and pursue the compensation you need to recover fully.

Deadline to File a Car Wreck Claim in Fort Carson

When filing a car crash claim, it is essential to know what the statute of limitations for your case. The statute of limitations is the deadline provided for individuals injured in a car accident to submit a claim for compensation. In Colorado, if someone suffers injuries in an auto collision, they generally have three years from the date of the accident to begin a lawsuit against the responsible driver. If the injured individual misses this statutory deadline, the court may bar them from recovering compensation.

The Process to File a Motor Vehicle Accident Case

Once an injured party receives medical treatment, they can then begin the process of filing an auto accident case. Typically, an attorney may help the injured individual file a claim with the other driver’s insurance company while collecting evidence to support their case. The collection of evidence is important because it helps establish liability of the at-fault driver. Liability is usually shown by proving that another motorist’s failure to exercise reasonable care caused the crash and the plaintiff’s resulting injuries.

The next step is usually to send a settlement demand to the at-fault driver’s insurance company. A settlement demand may include evidence of the claimant’s injuries and damages, such as their medical bills, statements from witnesses at the scene of the accident, the police report, doctor’s notes, photos from the collision, and lost wage records. The demand may also include a medical expert’s written opinion that states a connection between the plaintiff’s physical condition and the crash. The demand will include a letter from the plaintiff’s attorney to the insurance adjuster requesting a certain amount of compensation as settlement.

A variety of elements determines the value of someone’s case, including the extent of their out-of-pocket costs and the maximum policy limits of the at-fault party. After the demand is sent the negotiation process begins. Typically, the goal is to settle a claim out of court, as proceeding to litigation can prolong the process and become more costly. A lawyer could advise whether it may be appropriate to file a lawsuit in a particular case if other options for negotiating a settlement have been exhausted and what the individual’s chances may be of achieving success in court.

Speak with a Fort Carson Attorney About Filing a Car Accident Case

After sustaining serious injuries in a car crash, you may unsure about what your next steps should be. Fortunately, an attorney could assist with the complicated process of filing a car accident case in Fort Carson. Call our office today to discuss your potential claim and to get more information about your case options.