Castle Rock Truck Accident Lawyer

Every day, big rigs travel across the state to bring their cargo to destinations around the country. Generally, these trucks arrive safely at their drop off locations, and nobody gives them a second thought. Unfortunately, sometimes these big commercial trucks get into accidents. Because of their large size and heavyweight, serious injuries and fatalities may occur whenever commercial trucks collide with smaller vehicles.

If you recently suffered injuries in a collision with a truck, you might be entitled to compensation. A Castle Rock truck accident lawyer could review the details of your crash to determine if you have a viable case. Additionally, our dedicated personal injury attorneys could handle all of the difficult legal nuances that occur in these cases, so that you may focus on your physical recovery.

Determining the Cause of a Commercial Truck Crash in Castle Rock

As with any motor vehicle crash, there can be various causes behind a trucking accident. Typically, these accidents occur because of the negligent actions of the truck driver. Some forms of reckless behavior that may lead to a viable civil claim include:

  • Speeding to get to a delivery on time
  • Failing to adhere to federal regulations regarding maximum hours behind a wheel, resulting in fatigue
  • Driving while drunk or impaired by drugs
  • Distracted driving, such as texting while driving
  • Negligent or reckless driving
  • Driving with insufficient experience
  • Road rage

Our local attorneys have great experience investigating truck accidents and could work diligently to find the cause. Our team could carefully review all of the evidence from the crash scene, such as police reports and eyewitness testimony. We could also examine the driver’s hourly logs, the dispatcher communication record, the trucker’s driving record, and the employee manual.

Problems with the Truck

Sometimes, problems with the truck cause accidents, such as a defective part or malfunction. Our attorneys could check to see if the truck was subject to any outstanding recalls or if improper maintenance was the cause. In these situations, legal counsel would examine the truck’s service and maintenance records to determine if the truck was overdue for service. Some accidents happen due to cargo loading problems, such as when the truck operators fail to adequately balance the cargo’s weight or safely secure it. When this occurs, a lawyer could identify if the company in charge of loading the cargo followed proper procedures.

Determining Liability for Trucking Accidents

After determining what caused the truck accident, a Castle Rock attorneys could identify who bears legal responsibility for the crash and help a claimant pursue a claim against all of the liable parties. If the trucker is to blame, an injured claimant could pursue a case against this driver or their employer on the grounds of vicarious liability. Employers are typically responsible for their employee’s actions while they are working and for putting proper hiring and training practices in place. A claimant could also seek damages against a trucking company if the claimant is able to establish that this employer had some control or oversight concerning the driver’s route, hours, or driving.

Call a Castle Rock Truck Accident Attorney

After a commercial trucking accident, you may be facing a lengthy and challenging recovery. A Castle Rock truck accident lawyer could help you solve some of your financial worries by pursuing a claim against the parties responsible for a collision. Call our office today to arrange a free consultation.

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