Castle Rock Child Injury Lawyer

When a child suffers bodily injuries due to another’s negligence, it can be financially and emotionally exhausting for a family to endure. In cases such as these, the child’s parent(s) could file a civil injury claim on their minor’s behalf to recover damages for the losses they have suffered with the guidance of a skilled injury attorney.

If you or a loved one have a child who was recently injured in an accident due to the negligence of another, you may have a viable legal claim to bring against the at-fault party responsible for causing the accident. With the assistance of a skilled Castle Rock child injury lawyer, you could seek to obtain sufficient financial compensation to compensate your child for their injuries adequately.

When is a Minor’s Injury Grounds for Civil Action?

There are several types of accidental injuries commonly incurred by children that could be grounds for filing a personal injury case. Some examples of injuries include that could give grounds for civil compensation include:

  • Muscular injuries (e.g., torn muscular tissue or ligaments)
  • Emotional harm (e.g., emotional distress, psychological trauma, mental anguish, etc.)
  • Skeletal fractures and sprains
  • Head trauma (e.g., severe concussions, traumatic head injuries, etc.)
  • Back injuries (e.g., paralysis, spinal cord injuries, herniated discs, etc.)
  • Neck injuries (e.g., whiplash)
  • Internal injuries (e.g., internal bleeding, severe organ damage, etc.)

Regardless of how minor or severe a child’s injury could be, the negligent party responsible for causing the accident in which the was harmed may be held liable for the resulting damages. With assistance from a qualified Castle Rock lawyer with child injury case experience, the parent(s) of a negligently injured child could effectively pursue the claim on the minor’s behalf.

Types of Injury Claims Involving Children

Personal injury cases involving children commonly arise out of one of several types of accidents. Some of the more common injury cases involving children include:

  • Products liability
  • Premises liability and attractive nuisances
  • Swimming pool and drowning accidents
  • Motor vehicle collisions
  • Negligent childcare provider-related accidents
  • Accidental impact with object or surface
  • Dog bites

Depending on the type of accident a child is injured in, there may be more than one at-fault party a court may be able to hold liable for monetary damages stemming from the minor’s harm. A knowledgeable child injury attorney in the area could review the facts of a case to identify all the at-fault parties from whom an injured child and their family may seek to recover financial compensation.

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In personal injury cases where a child suffers severe injuries in an accident stemming from another’s negligence, the damages sustained by the child’s family can have a devastating impact on their lives. Fortunately, the parent(s) of an injured child may file a civil injury claim on their behalf to seek restitution.

If your child was recently involved in an accident due to the negligent act or conduct of another and have suffered severe bodily injuries as a result, you may be owed financial compensation for your losses. To learn more about what could be done for your case, call an experienced Castle Rock child injury lawyer today.