Castle Rock Hit and Run Accidents

Under most circumstances, after a vehicle collision, the responsible party would be held financially responsible for the resulting harm caused by their negligence. However, in a hit and run case, the responsible party often cannot be found, making legal restitution more challenging.

In Castle Rock, hit and run accidents should be handled by a well-practiced injury attorney. A hardworking legal professional could ensure you are properly compensated for your losses, even if the defendant has fled.

Unique Aspects of Hit and Runs

A motorist may flee the scene of an accident if they had been drinking and driving or if they do not have vehicle insurance. A driver may also leave the collision scene if they already have a warrant out for them and fears being arrested.

However, in Castle Rock, it is a crime to leave the scene of an accident. A misdemeanor hit-and-run can include 10 days or more of jail time, a fine, and loss of their Colorado driver’s license. Additionally, it is difficult to collect the at-fault party’s information specifically their insurance, which would be needed to help compensate the injured party.

What Should Someone Do After Being Involved in a Hit and Run Collision?

After being struck by a fleeing motorist, the first thing the injured party should do is contact the police so that they can make a report of the accident. This report will detail what occurred and could be used as evidence in an ensuing claim.

Next, it is important they take photos of the collision scene and talk to witnesses, if there are any. The police report will also gather witness statements and make note of damages to the vehicle. It is also vital to get medical treatment at an urgent care immediately after a wreck.

Finally, someone injured in a hit and run crash should contact a local injury law firm so that they can discuss their injuries and case with them. A compassionate attorney in Castle Rock could help them seek fair compensation for the harm they suffered.

Benefit of a Local Attorney

A knowledgeable lawyer who is well-practiced in the Castle Rock area can review the injured party’s insurance to see if they have a UM/UIM coverage. This is important in a hit and run case because the uninsured motorist coverage, or UM coverage, will help make sure that the injured party gets compensated for their injuries.

Further, a local attorney could help investigate the scene of the accident and review the police report to see if there is a way at all to find the hit-and-run driver.

If the fleeing driver is found, an injured party can recover for economic and non-economic damages from the responsible party. These include payments of medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering. However, these losses could also be recovered through the injured party’s UM coverage if the other person cannot be found in the hit-and-run case.

Discuss Hit and Run Accidents with a Castle Rock Attorney

Fortunately, people injured in Castle Rock hit and run accidents still have viable options for financial recourse. However, this can be made easier with assistance from a skilled legal professional. If you were hurt in an auto collision where the other driver fled the scene, you can speak with our dedicated team to discuss your legal options. Call today to schedule your initial consultation.