Head-On Collisions in Castle Rock

While any auto accident can be catastrophic, head-on collisions in Castle Rock are certainly some of the deadliest. The force of impact of the front of two vehicles colliding often results in life-changing injuries to all vehicle occupants.

Fortunately, state law allows people injured in these wrecks the chance to seek financial restitution from the party responsible for their harm. If you suffered harm in a front-end crash, you may benefit from contacting a seasoned local car accident attorney who could advise you on your legal rights.

What are the Common Causes of Front-End Accidents?

Head-on wrecks involve two vehicles driving in opposite directions crashing into each other. Some common causes of these collisions is drinking and driving, distracted driving, and dangerous weather, which is especially common in Castle Rock due to snow and ice buildup on roadways.

When the front of two vehicles collide, the resulting injuries can be catastrophic, including head and neck injuries such as whiplash and concussions. Additionally, broken bones, lacerations from shattered glass, and even death are also common in these wrecks.

How is Fault Assigned in Head-On Wrecks?

An analysis has to be done on how each party in the local accident was driving in the front-end collision. For instance, if one party was driving and following the traffic laws, then the at fault party, the one that crashed into them, would be considered 100 percent liable or at fault. However, if there is a question of fault, then the comparative negligence would come into play.

Comparative Negligence

A factor that can impact the liability would be if both parties were negligent. For instance, if one driver was texting and the other one was driving too fast for the weather conditions, they both could be partially at fault.

Under comparative fault law, a claimant’s potential reward will be reduced by their percentage of blame. For instance, if a plaintiff is 10 percent at fault, and the defendant is 90 percent at fault, then the available recovery award would be reduced by 10 percent. If both parties were equally at fault in a front-end crash, then neither party would be able to be compensated.

Benefit of an Attorney in Castle Rock

Since front-end accidents can be particularly debilitating, it is important to work with an attorney in Castle Rock who could help with building a strong claim for damages. A hardworking local lawyer could look at evidence of the case, such as photos and the police report to see what happened. If there is not a police report, then the attorney can go off to the scene of the accident and also look at the vehicles that were actually damaged as part of the head-on accident.

In addition, a dedicated attorney could then seek out and talk to any witnesses that were able to see the accident to gather and preserve eyewitness testimony. Furthermore, a legal professional would gather and analyze medical costs and treatment that had occurred to date, as well as calculate future losses and care.

Learn More About Head-On Collisions with a Castle Rock Attorney

Sadly, head-on collisions in Castle Rock are often some of the most devastating and deadly vehicle wrecks. If someone is lucky enough to survive such an accident, they likely are suffering from grave harm. Therefore, it is highly advisable that they work with a compassionate legal team who could help them recover the financial compensation they deserve. If you or a loved one were injured in a front-end crash, call our office today.