Monument Burn Injury Lawyer

Someone can sustain serious burns by accidentally coming into contact with boiling water, steam, high-voltage electricity, corrosive chemicals, toxic fumes as well as other dangerous conditions. A burn injury can be extraordinarily painful and have long-lasting physical and psychological consequences.

One of the first calls you should make after suffering severe bodily harm such as this is to a Monument burn injury lawyer. Depending on the severity of your injury and how the accident happened, a catastrophic injury attorney could help you obtain compensation. These damages could include compensation for past and future medical expenses, lost wages, and the physical pain and mental anguish you may have endured as a result of getting burned.

Burn Injury Classifications

When first meeting with a claimant in a burn injury case, a Monument lawyer must gain a better understanding of how severe the individual’s damages are. Medical professionals classify burns depending on their severity and how deep they penetrated the skin.

First-degree or superficial burns only affect the outermost layer of skin. They typically result in red, sensitive skin and usually heals without medical attention.

A second-degree burn affects more layers of the skin and leads to swelling, pain, and blisters. Suffering a third-degree typically warrants a consultation with an attorney as it can lead to major medical bills and other costly consequences. A third-degree burn could result in permanent tissue damage.

Fourth-degree burns are so severe that they damage not only the skin but also muscles, ligaments, and bone. They can be excruciatingly painful and life-threatening and may require amputation.

Determining Liability in Burn Injury Cases

Burn injuries have a surprising number of causes and may occur in many different types of accidents. For example, someone could get seriously burned in a car crash or suffer a burn injury as a result of coming into contact with a defective product. Other common causes of burns may include:

• Hot liquids
• Chemicals
• Electricity
• Radiation
• Explosions or fires

Determining the cause of a burn injury could help a lawyer in Monument establish who may be at-fault in the case. Additionally, how an injury occurs may determine what kinds of damages may be available.

Auto Accident

In a motor vehicle accident involving fire, any burns that are sustained could be the fault of either a negligent driver or a car part manufacturer. Pinpointing exactly how the fire ignited should be enough to establish liability concerning this kind of burn injury.

Product Defect

Burn injuries caused by defective products happen with surprising regularity. To be eligible for compensation, someone who sustained a serious burn generally must show that there was a flaw in the way the product was either designed or manufactured.

Workplace Injury

An employee who gets burned at work may have to seek compensation through their employer’s workers’ comp program. Instead of having to show fault, the employee must be able to show that the burn injury happened in the course of their occupational duties.

Premises Liability

A burn injury that takes place on someone else’s property likely falls into the legal category of premises liability. To obtain compensation, a visitor must demonstrate that the property owner violated a duty to maintain their premises in a way keeps guests free from harm.

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A serious burn injury can happen in a split second and potentially cause of a lifetime of suffering. Determining whether another party can be held legally liable for your physical and mental suffering is something that a Monument burn injury lawyer could help you do in the aftermath of an accident. Contact our office today to learn more about your legal options.