Pueblo Parking Lot Accident Lawyer

While many of the collisions are minor, parking lot accidents have the potential for serious injuries and substantial property damage. When these damages accrue, a Pueblo parking lot accident lawyer could help. By filing a civil lawsuit, your attorney could help you hold the other driver accountable for their negligence.

If you suffered injuries in a parking lot or public garage due to another driver’s actions, you have the right to seek monetary compensation. A seasoned car wreck attorney could review the facts in your case and help you weigh your legal options.

How Parking Lot Accidents Occur

Many drivers tend to let their guard down in parking lots. While motorists are typically careful when they change lanes or make turns on the roadway, these drivers often assume that traveling at a low speed in a parking lot protects them from the risks of getting involved in a collision. However, this is not always the case.

In fact, some factors in parking lots increase the odds of a wreck. Rows of parked cars can cause visibility issues, making it difficult for drivers to recognize when other drivers and pedestrians are nearby. The best example of this involves drivers backing out of parking spots. Not only are they in reverse, but these drivers also must keep a lookout in two directions for oncoming traffic. This explains why backing in and out of parking spots is one of the most common causes of these accidents.

Another factor in these crashes involves ambiguity. Intersecting aisles rarely have stop signs, and in some cases, the lines marking these aisles could begin to fade. This ambiguity can lead to two drivers attempting to enter the same space at once. No matter the factors involved in a collision, a Pueblo parking lot accident attorney could help an injured driver pursue a claim against the negligent party.

Potential Responsible Parties in a Parking Garage Accident

Some of the most common accidents in parking lots and garages involve collisions between two motor vehicles. That does not mean that other types of collisions are not possible. Cyclists and motorcyclists also are commonly involved.

One of the most dangerous aspects of a parking lot accident occurs when a pedestrian is involved. In some cases, a pedestrian that steps into the path of a motor vehicle could cause the driver to swerve and strike another car. When a pedestrian is negligent, they could also face responsibility for a crash.

The responsible party in a parking lot accident is not always clear-cut. In some cases, both drivers could share some of the responsibility. For example, if a motorist driving at high speeds collides with another driver backing out of a parking spot without looking, both drivers could share responsibility. Under state comparative negligence laws, a plaintiff could see their recovery limited or eliminated completely depending on their share of fault. A skilled Pueblo lawyer could asses a parking lot accident case and determine who may be a liable party.

Contact a Pueblo Parking Lot Accident Attorney

The days following a parking lot accident can be a confusing blur. A Pueblo parking lot accident lawyer could help you work through the aftermath of an accident of this nature. To learn more about your legal options, call today.