How to Communicate with Your Attorney

Understanding how to effectively communicate with your attorney if the first step in developing an effective working relationship. The attorneys at Springs Law Group  believe in communicating with our clients every step of the the way in their cases. This article provides tips on how to create guidelines on how […]

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The Dos and Don’ts: Courtroom Fashion

Going to court can be scary, regardless of the type of case. Attorneys often take it for granted because the courthouse door is a revolving door for them—it is never ending. One of my past personal mistakes has been not preparing my clients for hearing. Sure we go over the […]

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Attorneys Are Humans Too

Jokes about attorneys are common in today’s society. Attorney jokes have become colloquial to the stigma associated with attorneys. Generally, this stigma is never what an attorney actually wants to be associated with. This blog is designed to help dispel the ugly stigma attached to being a lawyer. Believe it […]

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Overview of Civil Litigation – Part III: Mediation and Trial

In the first two Parts of this series on the Overview of Civil Litigation, we discussed how a lawsuit commences and the types of discovery tools available to investigate the facts of the case. In this Part III, we discuss mediation and trial. Mediation Mediation is an opportunity for the […]

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Overview of Civil Litigation, Part II: Discovery

The discovery phase of civil litigation is extremely important in the development of your case. It is the time when the parties can use various tools to investigate the factual bases of claims and defenses. The applicable rules of civil procedure and the judge presiding over your case will determine […]

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