Filing a Car Accident Case in Castle Rock

Following a motor vehicle accident, it can be difficult for injured accident victims to know what to do next. With increasing losses due to injuries and financial losses related to hefty medical care treatment and costs, it is crucial for those who are wrongfully injured in an accident to file a civil injury action against the party who caused the accident. Fortunately, for those injured in a car accident in Castle Rock, Colorado, there may be someone who can help.

If you or a beloved member of your family sustained severe bodily injuries in a recent Castle Rock motor vehicle traffic accident, you could file a civil injury claim against the negligent party responsible for recovering monetary damages for your injury-related losses. For assistance with filing a car accident case in Castle Rock, reach out to a qualified Castle Rock civil litigation attorney today.

How Long Does Someone Have to File a Car Wreck Claim in Colorado?

In cases where a person’s civil injury claim arises from a motor vehicle collision due to another’s negligence, injured parties only have a certain amount of time to bring a legal claim against the negligent party. The time frame a state establishes for a civil lawsuit is known as the claim’s statute of limitations.

The statute of limitations for Colorado car accident injury claims can be found under § 13-80-101(1) of the Colorado Revised Statutes (C.R.S.). Under the statute, an injured party has three years to file a civil injury lawsuit against the wrongdoer responsible for causing their injuries. A skilled car accident lawyer could ensure the timely filing of an injured accident victim’s civil injury claim against the negligent party accountable for causing the accident.

Process for Filing a Castle Rock Car Accident Lawsuit

Firstly, when seeking to file a civil lawsuit to recover damages for injuries sustained in a motor vehicle accident, an injured party will need to file a complaint (i.e., a legal document containing the facts of the case, damages, and basis for the lawsuit) against the negligent at-fault party with the court. The opposing party then files an answer to the complaint (i.e., a legal document in which a party denies or admits to the claims brought against them in the complaint), and the parties begin discovery (i.e., the exchanging of relevant documentation and evidence between the parties). Once discovery is complete, the parties will either reach a settlement agreement or go to trial if they cannot settle their dispute.

The process for filing a motor vehicle accident claim can be complicated and difficult for injured parties to undertake alone. For assistance with a Castle Rock car accident claim, contact a sophisticated civil litigator with experience handling motor vehicle collision claims.

Find an Attorney to Help with Filing a Car Accident Case in Castle Rock Today

Filing a civil claim for injuries sustained in a car accident due to another’s negligence act or conduct can be a trying and strenuous task. Although this may seem tedious to some accident victims, for others, it may be required for them to receive adequate compensation for the losses they have suffered as a result.

If you or someone you care for dearly have been severely injured in a recent motor vehicle traffic accident due to another person’s negligence, they may be held liable for any damages you have subsequently incurred as a result of your accidental injuries. To find the best personal injury attorney to assist you with filing a car accident case in Castle Rock, pick up the phone and call now.